Fuck you Dulux....you stole my favourite song!!

One of my precious, all time fave bits of contemporary music is the piece by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole singing a medley of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World. I think it comes from the movie ‘Finding Forrester’ but I haven’t seen it yet.

Anyway, tonight I was sitting here at my 'puter, and heard the song come onto the telly…I ran in expecting it to be a documentary or a music clip, but I was disappointed.

It was a fucking Dulux paint commercial.

And now it has ‘coloured’ my whole appreciation of the song. They’ve gone and tinted it now.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Dulux. You bastards. That was MY song, not yours.

you can find that song on the “Meet Joe Black” soundtrack.

I love that version of the song!

I felt the same way initially when I found out that Nick Drake’s Pink Moon was used on a VW commercial. Then I thought what the hell - if it introduces more people to an artist that I love, it’s a good thing really.

I discovered that wonderful song from a commercial–the eToys commercial that played around Christmas several years back. They used just the humming from the beginning, and the commercials were rather enchanting, really. I spent a few weeks trying to find out who the singer was, and then TV Guide ran a short piece on Iz.
Great song. Don’t think anything could muddy it for me. :slight_smile: