Fuck you, Jean.

I hope your carcass is pecked at by a million angry crows with bits of glass and poison stuck to their beeks.

I’m sick of your smug, wrinkled old face.

I’m tired of your clames of Democracy

I’m pissed to the point of snapping by the sick pleasure you seem to take in the human suffering taking place meters and kelometers from where you sit and wither right now.

I hope some day millions of insect eggs are layed in every opening of your body

I dispise your “i’m in for another 4 years, fuck you Canada” politics

I wonder if you know what reality is

I doubt you would care if you did.

I take great comfort in the fact that someday, some fow, if even for a fraction of a second, this will all come back to you and you will be truely miserable.

I take a twisted pleasure in the mental image of gophers and rats devouring your intestines

I hate you for making me take pleasure in that.

(for those of you who’ve no idea who i’m talking about, i’m refering to “my” Prime Minister, the sickest sack of gas I’ve seen in a while.)

if only you had left the e off clames of democracy.

let’s just pretend you did
I too am sick of the clams of democracy.
While the workers shuck the oysters of oppression, the barnacles of berevement latch on. The mussels of meritocracy are far out of reach, and we must settle for the scallops of social engineering.

Hehe…there’s a part of me that wants to post “The man was seriously ranting about a very important subject considering what’s going on in Quebec City right now; how dare you mock him?!”

Then there’s the other part of me that’s rolling around with tears in my eyes from laughing. :smiley:

What a fucking fucker. It must be a sign of impending apocalypse to have such losers as Bush and Chretien as “leaders of the free world”…

More proof that not all Canadians are as mellow as Gordon Lightfoot.

I for one wish you’d left the “p” in “kelpometers”. It would have made for such a mellifluous arrangement, as in:

Astride the great glistening jetty with
Her glistening set of cuntspanners at the ready
The brilliant young oceanographer eyed the starfish of humanity
Measuring the plankton with her kelpometers.


It is so very nice to see people enjoying them selves like this while close friends of mine are being tear gassed as they protest peacefully.


(As for Gordon Lightfoot, he fuckin’ rules)

…Granted, I’m a few thousand kelometers from where Jean “King of Canada” Chretien is, but -

Here’s to hoping Sylvain Surete tear-gasses a ‘peaceful’ protester for me!

-no more globalization for me thanks, I’m stuffed; I would like a wee nip of human suffering if you’ve got a minute. Oh, and be a dear and send a bottle of greenhouse gasses over to Dubya’s table - thenk yew evah sew much!


It’s astounding how unfair Jean is. Damn him! Run our country after being elected; why couldn’t you have just introduced a new tag-team Prime Minister law so you could tag out and allow someone else to share the glory?

Wait! It’s because he was the choice of the people. Typical protestor attitude - I followed appropriate channels, that didn’t work, so now I’ll beat the dead horse.

Thanks for costing my government a fortune, protesting chumps. Your protest did nothing but cost taxpayer dollars and entertain me while I watched the 6pm news.


Stupid Liberal government with no sort of an agenda whatsoever.


Now, now. When I was 7 years old, my mother took my brother and I to the first of many Anti-VietNam War marches. The fact that some of us-god knows I’m included here-crack wise in a thread doesn’t in ANY way mean we don’t have compassion and empathy for those who are protesting for their beliefs in a non-violent way.

I’ve marched many times since I was 7, when I believed in the cause. If my wisenheimer remarks here smacked of insensitivity, then I apologize. They weren’t meant as a slight at all.


FunkDaddy. You melon head.

Alright, so we don’t have a Poly Sci major on our hands here, cool cool. How do i dumb this down… we don’t live in a real democracy, chowder head

Ok, sorry for calling you a chowder head, but maybe you might want to look in to the Canadian electoral system before making snide comments to people who may actually know better then you.

Sure, it looks like a democracy, ok, it smells like a democracy, but brother, that ain’t no democracy. I hate to be the first to tell you this, but if you’re the only person in your riding voting (say) NDP and everyone else in it votes (say) Alliance, you’re vote just doesnt count. Loverly, no?

Even if a few people in every riding vote NDP, say, enough to actually give them the popular vote (ok, ok, stop laughing, it might happen again, some day… or not) that wont matter because in their ridings they will have been out weighed by people split between the Liberals, the Bloc, Joe Clark, Stockboy Day and independants (not to mention the Green party, those nutty Yoga Flyers - bless 'em, etc.)

Isn’t it nice to know you dont matter? (As if Medicare and the education system didn’t teach you that alredy)

But wate, you say, it’s still SOMEWHAT like a democracy. I mean, at least we GET to vote, right? So what? So do Mexicans who must be ERALLY happy with their government because they’ve had the same one for 90 years now - who’s never won with less then 95% of the vote.

But wate, again, you say, we’re NOT mexicans (well at least i’m not). No, my friend, but we are Canadians, which means we have a Governer General with the power of veto over ANYTHING. Yep. Adriean Clarkson, people! Luckily the homeless have nothing to veto or they’d be in real trouble.

Funny you should mention that. Ever hear of a cute lil’ Newfie by the name of Brian Tobin? Give it a couple years.

Well, this really just didn’t make much sence, amigo, but i’ll give it a go anyway. I believe we’ve alredy covered that he wasn’t necessaraly the choice of the people (and even if he was that’s not going to stop me from wishing he’d suddenly burst into flames) so we’ll just more right along.

What is a typical protestar attitude? There there are problems in the world that need to be fixed? that the only way to get government to listen is to take it to the streets? do you disagree with this? How? Where are you getting your crack again? I’ll tell you something brother, i spent a solid week in Quebec City a month before the summet at a conferance trying to go through the “appropriate” channels (protesting, by the way, has always been one) and perhaps we did have some effect. But it isn’t enough. A demonstration like this is just exactly that. A demonstration of numbers, of solidarity and of meaning. It is the closest thing to democracy we have going here.

As for that last part, maybe you should read a little about this, or at least talk to some folks, before you go calling the massive labor and human rights problem of our hemisphere a dead horse (though i’ll agree, it’s getting plenty beaten)

To close, If our government hadn’t built the wall, it wouldn’t have gotten torn down. If our government hadn’t put the RCMP and troops there, there would have been no one for the un-peaceful (and let me make it very VERY clear that i do not in ANY way condone the violence of some of the more militant groups - but may i also point out that they were in the minoraty) to attack.

“My” protest (as you so uninformedly call it) was a protest BY the taxpayers nad may i suggest that you turn off your 6pm news and read a book.
Oh, and Cartoon sorry to jump brother, there’s just way too many people liek this putz around rolling their eyes and clucking their toungues about this. That, and i’d just heard about a few buds who had gotten the gas after charging the fence. Peace amigo.

I will now go out side, smoke my pipe, and watch the lightening storm which just began. Thanks all (please keep in mind that those aren’t actually grammer mistakes, i’m just spelling in metric)

when you’re the only person in your riding (or the country, as it turns out) who votes NDP you ARE the minority, sparky.
And even though you don’t like it, it’s still democracy.

As for the rest of your fallacious logic, may I rebut with pffft!

Uh-huh. And if parents didn’t let their daughters go on dates, they wouldn’t get date-raped. And if pedestrians didn’t insist on walking on the sidewalk, I wouldn’t run 'em down on my way home from the bar.

Speaking as a healthy and reasonably well-educated Canadian, the only thing that embarasses me is the need for a fence to protect duly elected officials from attack by the mindless - and as you so aptly point out - minority of the legitimate protesters.

I truly hope they enjoyed their state-sponsored stay: as a taxpayer, I sure as hell don’t mind my tax dollars funding that venture…


Let this be a lesson to you kiddies, always read your posts over before fireing them off into Cyberspace.

I’m just gonna give a good, hearty “FUCK I CAN’T SPELL” and point out how mad my mother, the English Prof, would be.

Ah well. If you’re gonna gripe about it then fuck you, you missed the point.


Zooney, i think you, too, missed what i was saying on the voting thing, and you’re wrong. In canada a party can get the popular vote and still not be elected. That, my friend, is not Democracy.
Re my last post (the one whit the “fuck you”) that was not ment for you man, just to keep that clear.

As for my logic, i’d love to hear what problem you have with it (maybe we take it out in E-mail or another thread though)

Maybe your eyes are too blurry from CN to read the papers, but you might want to look into some recent Mexican history, bub.

What a minute… Jean is a guy? [sub]Hee hee, that’s silly.[/sub]

Maybe i did, and maybe the folks they just “elected” are the ones i was talking about, bub

Then maybe you should look into it a little more. You maybe got confused the first time.