FUCK YOU Papa John's!!!

So I’m sitting here waiting almost 2 hours for a pizza to be delivered. SHEEEEESH! I HAVEN’T EATEN ALL FUCKING DAY! So I call up the place and BITCH!! “WHERE THE HELL IS MY PIZZA!!!” So I find out the pizza was delivered to the WRONG FUCKING ADDRESS!!! YOU PAPA JOHN FUCKUPS! I’M SITTING HERE HUNGRY WHILE YOU’RE PUMPING SWEET TOMATO SAUCE UP YOUR FUCKING ASSES!!!

[sup]Ok, I feel a little better now.[/sup]


At least now they’re making a pizza for me and delivering it for free.

Well, at least it’s the fresh-pak pizza sauce!
He really was a pioneer using that. Yeah, I used to work in a independant pizza place and I would get board and read the restuarant magazines.
Nobody else wanted to touch the stuff, and he made it work. The only reason why I don’t buy their pizza is that it is too small. Otherwise I think it’s pretty decent.

I do hope you feel better now?
And after you let loose and got that free pizza did it taste any better? Free food usually tastes the best!

…and they delivered it for free. See ? Pizza delivery consist of people doing a job, and believe it or not people fuck up from time to time. They made the world right by you, food to eat, no cost.
Papa John’s included a coupon in my pizza once, unfortunatly the coupon was inside the box and it turned one on my pieces of pizza pink. I called the store, the manager WANTED to send another pizza out right away. I told him it wasn’t a big deal just don’t do that anymore. Ya know what ? My next TWO deliveries were free.
Papa Johns Rocks !!!

After devouring a free pizza, having a few shots of Jagermeister, and listening to some uplifting music - I’m happy to report I’m doin’ fine.

It’s just been a really draining week for me.

Shit happens, right.

Oh well, the weekend’s here—ahhhh, relaxation.

I have to say that, while I like Papa John’s as much as any other pizza, theirs is by far the worst pizza when reheated that I’ve ever had. I think once the heat goes out of it the first time, it undergoes some irreversible chemical reaction that makes it truly scary.

You re-heat pizza?
Pizza is best cold the next day right out of the fridge. Except of coure Happy Joes Taco. The chips get soggy shortly after you get it when it is hot, even worse the next day, and let’s not even discuss the lettuce.

Happy Joe’s taco pizza… mmm… the stuff childhood is made of. Not to mention plaque deposits that will kill me in three years. :wink:

I not only reheat pizza, I have been known on occasion to fire up the oven, which reheats the pizza more uniformly than a microwave does.

Yes, I am a bachelor connoisseur!

Dude, the oven is the ONLY way to reheat. Unlike the microwave, the oven makes the pizza crispy. Mmmm…dammit, you’re making me hungry now…

ohmyfuckinggod!!! when i first read this, i was like, damn straight, someone knows good pizza. fucking happy joe’s taco pizza…damn staight! then i thought…waitaminnit…happy joes??? i haven’t had that since, well, since i moved from the quad cities! their pizza ruled! mmm…their BLT pizza…BBQ…and taco… no other pizza place makes a damn good taco pizza. and the bungle jungle!

i won a free ride in their hot air balloon when i was like 10. it was pretty cool. the guy actually pointed out THE happy joe’s house to us.

first thing i’m doing when i go home this summer…happy joe’s taco pizza…

Totally agree. I’ve been known to make a pizza, and not eat a single single slice until the next day, when it’s properly chilled.

Hey, if you guys ever has the misfortune to visit the desert wasteland that is New Mexico, hopefully you’ll be in the only big city in the state:

Albuquerque (remember the spelling, you could win a bar-bet)

Anyway, if you’re there, you should try a pudge brothers Monster pizza. Aptly named, the Monster is 3 feet across and the Supreme weighs an astonishing 13 pounds. Yes, this is the ultimate pizza, and not only that, but it tastes good! You have to try one with your friends over a few pitchers of beer.

God knows there’s nothing else to do in that God-Forsaken dust pile town.

OK, it has to be said. “Taco Pizza” is an abomination. Taco pizza is not pizza! You know it, I know it, the American people know it.

I hope the guy who “invented” the concept of “Taco Pizza” is roasting in the hottest of hot tubs in Hades right about now.

IIRC Joe Whittys hispanic son-in-law came up with the idea for Happy Joes at any rate.

Ubermensch, let me know the next time you are in town! We will so go to the Jungle Bungle. I’m in Davenport so look me up.
Now, a question for you since you are from here. What are you feelings on Harris Pizza? I hate it hubby loves it. And as you know you either love it or hate, nobody is middle of the road on thier pizza.

I do agree that if you must re-heat pizza it is best in the oven. But since I am a cold pizza person, I will just tell you re-heaters that you are just sick and wrong! :wink:

While the OP is correct in asserting that Papa John’s sucks, the reason why was misidentified. Papa John’s sucks because the sauce on their pizza is atrociously sweet. It is an abomination. Ecccchh!!

Is Happy Joe’s like a Western thing or something? I’ve never heard of it, but then again I’ve only been west of the Mississippi twice in my life.

Happy Joe’s is mostly Mid-western. Although I think there is one in Egypt.

harris pizza was never my thing. just never thought much of if. happy joe’s yes, nancy’s pizza isn’t bad.

yeah, happy joe’s started in iowa, then spread to illinois, and i believe a few other midwestern states. and egypt.

i used to always go to the milan one, since i lived out there, and they used to have a window where you could watch your pizza being made. it was pretty cool when you were 8. and in high school, a ton of friends worked there, so they’d clue you in on secrets: if you’re with a big party, and a few get the pizza/salad bar, slip in with them. the plates were right there at the start, etc.

and every time we went, it was someone’s birthday, 'cuz no one could get enough of that stupid horn they blew to signal everyone to sing happy birthday.

but now that i’m on the east coast, i can’t get enough of ray’s pizza. THAT’S the good stuff…but no taco, although there is taco pizza out here, nothing compares to happy joe’s.

Cheddar is a fine cheese, and I enjoy it. BUT IT DOES NOT BELONG ON PIZZA! I will go to a new pizza joint, order a veggie pizza with pepperoni, and then stare at my order in disgust when it’s brought to me. Yes, yes, it’s partially my fault for not reading the ingredients list closely, but Cheddar does NOT go with pizza!

Since I am an atheist, and do not believe in any afterlife, I will just have to take my own revenge on whoever had the bright idea to put Cheddar on pizza. It involves a cheese grater applied to his/her body.

Joe Whitty doesn’t live to far from me, and my hubby just roofed his house. He does alot for the community with kids.
Lynn, I know your gripe was about cheddar on a pizza, but let me tell you you wouldn’t believe what some people actually order.
I worked for both Happy Joe’s and Pizza Hut and we got some weird calls. Tuna was one. The person came in and ordered it and we all freaked out. I guess they have it in Germany.
We had one guy bring in his own deer sausage. We made it for him.

Tuna? Reminds me of a picture I saw in a book (National Lampoon’s True Facts, I think) of an ad for “Mmmm, Mutton-Curry Pizza!” eyugh…