Fuck you, pharmacy school (whiny)

I applied this year for a state pharmacy school in Arkansas (where I currently live, FTR). The list of things they look for that they gave me I almost aced. I got a 98 on the PCAT, got A’s in Organic (one of the particular classes they look for), got at least one glowing letter of recommendation, have a couple of years of pharmacy experience under my belt, have my tech license, and have a four-year degree. The interview I felt went well, not super, but well. The only thing they have to critique is my GPA, which is a little above a 3.2 (average for this school is about a 3.5.)

Got my rejection letter today. Not even a fucking alternate. The girl I had organic lab with got in and she couldn’t even figure out how to turn the water faucet on in lab (no joke).

So my only option, I guess, is to pay out-of-pocket to go retake some classes I got bad grades in to try to get my GPA up. Now I’m stuck with 20k in student loans to repay on my $7.50/hr job. Pharmacy school is still what I want to do with my life, but it’s apparently going to be harder than I thought.

Fuck pharmacy school.

What the hell kind of school has a 3.5 average GPA? Or do you mean the average GPA of the students admitted to the pharmacy school is a 3.5?

It means the average GPA for students admitted into the pharmacy program is a 3.5

I’m sorry, chaoticbear. I remember what it was like applying to PhD school, I’m sure Pharmacy school isn’t easier.

That is teh sux.

The admissions office should give you a more detailed breakdown of exactly why you didn’t get accepted. At least, they do for veterinary school. Call them up and ask politely.

They actually do offer a consultation to discuss why people didn’t get in, but you have to schedule them in June. All the people in the pharmacy I work in got me a consolation gift basket. They’re sweet like that.

My school did the same thing; make an appointment, we can’t tell you anything over the phone. It’s such an upsetting topic that they want you to talk with their best PR person. Take this as an opportunity to get more experience under your belt. You’ll live off of that knowledge when you get to school.

Oh, and if you don’t get in on your second try, ponder if it is really worth the trouble to go at all. There are other ways to pursue your career goals.