Fuck you, semicolon!

Ah, Mr. Semicolon. Always a friend of the computer student, ready and waiting for the Pascal, the C, the PHP.

Why must you hate me so? Why must you show up unexpectedly in the middle of my statements, fucking my program seven ways from Sunday? Why must you, you mischievous little bugger, show up just before I show my program to someone who has just been told (by me) that said program is bugless?

What are you hiding from? Why does it commonly take me half a fucking hour to find you? Whatever you’re running from, I am sure there are Punctuation Rehabilitation Centres in place to help you through it.

If the job is getting to you, I’ve been hearing great things about $ as of late…

Jonny T.

There is nothing like search and replace, now is there.

The semicolon: more than a comma, less than a period.

It’s obviously the work of a committee.

:eek: If Jonny T is programming in a few of the languages that I’m thinking of, a search and replace won’t do him much good. Semicolons belong at the end of most statements in most of the languages that I’ve worked with. But you have good idea, just doing a search maybe, depending on how much code there is.

Now, my problem is remembering the semicolon at the END of most statements. Not a good thing. The compiler can find the error, and detect what it is. We should try to make a more advanced compiler that will catch this, and put it in for you!

(No, I don’t want to be lectured on compiler theory, I’ll be hearing about it in university in a couple years. Just a mild complaint of my own seeing as I’m in the Pit.)

I think you need a text processor that speaks “grep”

Just remember it this way:


semi = half
colon = ass

semicolon = half-assed


And here I had hoped this was a rant against the rules governing the use of semicolons in grammar.

Damn them semicolons! They think they are so much better than commas!

Of course the key to a fun grammar rant is to actually use bad grammar in the rant.

A tech writer will be along to pummel me shortly.

funniest.title.ever; :wink:

Man, you should try hopping back and forth between Delphi and VB then, like I have to.

I’m now right at the point where I keep terminating lines with a semicolon in VB and also trying to use While/Wend (and End If) in Delphi.