Fuck you. Shovel your sidewalk.

But I’m a lazy shit-heel and can’t be bothered.

Fuck you. Shovel your sidewalk.

I just do my driveway so it’s convenient for me and screw everyone else.

Fuck you. Shovel your sidewalk.

I’m old and infirm can’t ask a neighbor for a little help and boo hoo.

Fuck you. Shovel your sidewalk.

People walking to the train and walking their dogs and catching the bus can just walk in the street.

Fuck you. Shovel your sidewalk.

But I don’t have a snowblower and my arms are so tired.

Fuck you. Shovel your sidewalk.

I only pay the plow service to do the driveway and couldn’t possibly cough up an extra couple of sawbucks to have the sidewalk done.

Fuck you. Shovel your sidewalk.

Oh - and clearing just a little spot on your windshield so you can pretend you are driving a tank is dangerous and makes you look like an idiot.

I hate my neighbors. NONE of them shovel their sidewalks. I have a few elderly neighbors, and I’m happy to spend an extra 5 minutes to shovel for them - but honestly. We all have alley access garages, so none of us have driveways. None of our lots are more than 50 feet wide. Except for the folks on the corners, it honestly doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to shovel a couple inches of snow.

My solution: You don’t shovel, I don’t pick up after the dogs.

My neighbor is great. He’ll shovel my sidewalk if he is out doing his. I return the favour when I have the chance. This is Toronto, we get snow and there are bylaws to ensure people shovel, but not enough do.

Early last week we had temps around freezing. Any snow that hadn’t been shoveled already turned into an easy to remove slush, yet people still did nothing. The thing is, when that slush does freeze you get an uneven surface that is hard for anyone to walk over.

But I don’t have a sidewalk; whatcha got to say about that, huh? :smiley:

With the 2’ we got Tuesday night it’s impossible to walk through. Seriously, it has been days you lazy bastards.

I still do pick up after the dog. Nothing like the spring thaw with melting dog shit all over the sidewalks to remind you of the people who only do the right thing if someone can see it.

They probably don’t wipe their asses properly either.

After the city plows came through and put a 4 foot (not an exaggeration) wall if Ice and snow weighing 2 tons (not and exaggeration) across the foot of my driveway I’m just a little too fucking tired to shovel the 14" (not an exaggeration) of snow on the sidewalk so that you can walk your little poopsie!
Who am I kidding. I shoveled the sidewalk and the common mailbox area first. I can’t stand a snowy sidewalk either.

Absolutely. There are people on our street who never shovel. I know they’re not elderly and if they’re ill they have kids who can do it, I see them outside all the time. I can only surmise that the city doesn’t have the manpower this year to give out warning letters and shovel at an exorbitant price all those who don’t.

We have 300 ft of sidewalk and we shovel, you only have about 50. We even shovel the 80 ft that goes into a side of the hill (as we’re required to do :rolleyes:).

They’re sidewalk has been through several melt/ freeze cycles so we never know what it’s going to be. Choppy ice under show? Smooth ice under snow? Who knows.

Forget you. Shovel your sidewalk :smiley:

Maybe you can have some of the city personnel from my town: my sidewalk doesn’t go anywhere (end of the street!) and I get nastygrams if I don’t have it clear in a day.

Also: shovel out your fire hydrant.

I thought snow was fun stuff. Skiing, sledding, snowmen, snowball fights, etc. I guess I’m wrong.

You’re so, so wrong.

I endorse this pitting. And what pisses me off way more than homeowners not shoveling is businesses not shoveling. I had to walk home last night on top of two feet of uneven packed frozen snow on the sidewalk outside of the local strip mall. Walgreens, Stop&Shop, various other businesses, and the sidewalk was completely untouched. I don’t understand why they’re allowed to get away with that.

No sympathy out of this one.

I hate my neighbors which is why I don’t shovel my sidewalk.

I’ve bitched before about the piss-poor snow removal that my town does, and by that I mean the town itself as well as various merchants and residents.

They shocked me. People actually went out and cleared the snow out before Thursday morning. My postal worker husband came home and declared an overall A-/B+ grade for the town’s efforts; considering he has to walk the sidewalks half his work day, he knows what it’s like in our town.

So kudos to you, neighbors. I’m really impressed.

However, something to remember: snow shoveling after heavy snowfall does trigger about 1,200 deaths per year from heart attacks. Please find someone else if you’re in poor health. Chicago has had about 7 deaths from the recent blizzard, and last I read about it, one was due to a man being blown into Lake Michigan from a wind gust, and the others were related to shoveling. Use caution, get someone else or a snowblower (and take that easy too).

Fuck you, shovel my sidewalk.

This is my dumbass neighbour. The areas in red are the only ones he’ll shovel. Won’t go to the end of his property line around the corner, and won’t shovel out a path for the sidewalk after the plows come through. I’m going to write, “Shovel the WHOLE sidewalk, you lazy bastard!” in pee in his backyard.

And corner lot owners, shovelling the sidewalk just in front of your house - not acceptable. The corner lot has many spiffing advantages, and pretty much the only downside I can see is you have the side sidewalk to clean too. Get with the program.

Fortunately, my corner lot has no sidewalk on the side, so I am golden. But I would shovel it if it was there, honest. And to my neighbor, the fact that I tend to shovel your sidewalk (as you have seen me doing), because it is only going another 16 foot or so, when I am out doing mine doesn’t mean (a) I will always do this; (b) if I don’t do it you are somehow absolved of responsibility; or © that it wouldn’t be a nice gesture once in a while if you do mine when I am stuck in traffic for hours getting home and you shovel yours.

And to the house that never shovels? I am going to slip and fall next time and see how good your home owners’ insurance policy is.

In my area, it snows once to three times a year hard enough to actually shovel. What I fucking hate are the fucking morons who park their cars just far enough into their driveways so they block the fucking sidewalk (a special fuck you to the morons who park their precious SUVs on the sidewalk, away from their driveways, because the driveway slopes down toward the house, and they can’t be fucking bothered to clear the sidewalk at all). All year round. And/or the morons who don’t trim their shrubs and trees, so the branches cover the fucking sidewalk.

I quit walking my dog because of those fuckers (now I take her to a dog park – she and I are both happier than walking my fucking neighborhood). Nowhere in the United States does it snow all year round (possibly, possibly, parts of Alaska excepted, but I’m talking about the lower 48), but these fuckers block the sidewalk all year round.

Worse than that, their plow guys go through and leave giant hills of snow at the entrance to their lots. I wouldn’t be so annoyed by people just not making it any easier.