Shoveling Sucks

Okay, this is a mini-rant:

I’ve had to shovel my driveway about 4 times now, plus I had to shovel a friend parking space. My father has pulled his back shoveling, my fiance has hurt her wrist shoveling, my fiance’s sister hurt her neck shoveling, and I’m all-over-sore from shoveling. All of this due to the blizzard of 2003. Yes we got plenty of snow, schools should be closed for a week. Whoopie doo, I haven’t attended school in years. All this is, is a beautiful pain in the ass-or rather, pain in the back.

Fuck shoveling.
Is anyone with me?

I like shoveling. It’s the only excuse I have for being outside in below-freezing weather wearing a t-shirt, showing off my sexy shoveling muscles.

friedo, yer a maroon.

Ow, my back! Fuck!

Pass the Advil please.

I (stupidly) left my car in the driveway because the garage is serving as storage right now. Yesterday, I discovered that my nieghbor had piled up his snow on the passenger side of my car while there was a four foot drift on the driver side. After 2+ hours of shoveling the driveway behind the car, I realized there was no way I could clear enough space around the doors to open them–at least not do so and still have any back muscles left.

So I opened the trunk, put the rear seat down (I can do that from the trunk because a latch is broken), crawled over the seats, and backed out of the drift. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I was desparate. It did. You could see an impression in the remaining snow where my liscence plate was–you could even read the numbers.

All so I could go in to my glorious job today. Yeah. That makes my back feel much better.

Yeah it sucks. Plus, I’ve not seen one snow plow doing any side streets here in Arlington. The main thoroughfares are clean down to the pavement, but no snow plows anywhere on side streets. They usually come the next day. ( I know it takes longer to move big snow, but I’m talking NO plowing going on on side streets) If I find out they loaned out their plows or purposefully didn’t plow side streets to “keep people off the roads”, I will personally go down to the courthouse and chew a two-pound chunk out of the responsible administrator’s ass. And no, I’m not just whining about my side street, I’m standing up for all of Arlington’s side streets. Citizens! Revolt!

I never shoveled till a few years ago.
My son loves it and I find I enjoy it too, as long as its not 25 degrees!
32, okay.
We used to even go out and sweep the snow with a broom.
Here in Ohio, we only got 3 or so inches, so it was no problem.

Meh, you guys are all wimps :wink:

Here in Canada, shovelling is a pasttime shared among friends and loved ones 8 months out of the year!

Okay, maybe not. But I do find it horrendously humourous how this Blizzard 2003 has caused so much difficulties for people. We expect that kind of thing here. The most ironic thing about it? My city has maybe a 3rd of the snow New York State has right now!
Yah, I know…twisted sense of humour.

I have just found out some disturbing news…Due to the snow plows…I’m going to have to go out and…shovel AGAIN…


Shoot, I’m suppose to shovel around my mailbox too, in order for the mailman to deliver said goods. I figure, screw it, I’m only getting bills anyway…

I thought they had to deliver mail, no matter the weather.

Now, Meatros, how are you gonna keep that boyish figure if you don’t exercise once in a while ???

My wife was all pissed off yesterday because her gym was closed and she wasn’t going to get her daily workout.

So SHE picked up the shovel and went out and did the heavy labor.

Like I always said, if you’re going to waste time on a Stairmaster, they should at least hook it up to a generator or a butter churn or something.

3 hours yesterday, 1 hour this morning (nothing like shoveling heavy sleet boulders left by the snow plow).
Yeesh, I left Chicago to get away from this sort of thing, foolish me. . .

Hey, dude–

you’re in the wrong Arlington. Come up to Arlington, MA, where the town plows all night if need be. We got off relatively light yesterday: only 15 or so inches. Drifting to 3 feet. Around my car. Plus 4 feet at the end of my drive. Who’s got that Advil?


Hah! here in Southern-southeast Alaska (at least in my town) it hasn’t even snowed this year(OK maybe a dusting but thats gone).

Does anyone want any rain?We have plenty to give out (12ft yr avg).:eek:

You would think that, but apparently not. My mailwoman has refused to deliver my mail for the past two weeks. At first I thought maybe I was just unpopular, but I went down to the post office and they had about 10 letters for me. The lady working said my mail-lady wasn’t going to deliver my mail until I removed all the snow from around the mailbox, and apparently all the snow a good distance down the road, so she can coast right up, and not have to stretch her stubby arms out too far… Now mind you, the people who deliver the junk mail on the weekends have had no problem cramming their circulars in there.
So now we are engaged in a contest of stubbornness. I really don’t want my bills, so I am reasonably confident I will prevail. Ah, unless the snow melts on its own, than I guess it was a tie.

I like it! Where else can you get such satisfying exercise without shelling out money for a gym?

I had to use an edger to cut the snow up into blocks, which I then removed one at a time, three shovelfuls per block. Nothing like a system!


There’s something about how they can’t leave the mail truck. Happens here too (not for snow of course) but when a road is closed, the folks who live there have to go to the P.O. to get their mail ~ the mail carrier is not allowed to park the truck & walk to the mailboxes.

Yes, I have shoveling. That’s why I use a snowblower. :smiley:

In the neigborhood where I grew up the mailboxes were attached to the houses. The mailman would walk from house to house stuffing the mailboxes. I don’t remember seeing a law or notice but it was generally known that if your driveway and sidewalk (in front of the house) didn’t at least have a cleared path through the snow then the mailman didn’t have to deliver your mail.

When it snowed many people would shovel their driveway but neglect the sidewalk. Our mailman wasn’t draconian about it but if you hadn’t shoveled the sidewalk by a day or two after the snow he would write you a message, in pencil, on one of your letters.

I am absolutely sick of shovelling heavy snow in my driveway this year. I have lost count of how many times I have done it. However, I no longer pant and my heart rate is starting to slow down quicker, now

What really irritates me is that I am an older middled aged lady and the teenage boys in my trailer park walk right past me and turn their looks the other way. What happened to kids wanting to work for pay. They have all their money given to them with no effort on their part.

Yesterday, a precious, polite, little teeny tiny 8 year old girl came and said she would shovel my driveway for $2. There was only about 3 inches of snow at that time, because I had shovelled it so many times. I said “sure”! That little tiny girl shovelled my driveway better than any teenager has ever done. I told her if she came every time we had 3 or 4 inches of snow and she did that good a job, I would pay her $5. I fully encourage kids working hard for some money.