I pit snow plow drivers

Where do I begin with these fucks? Is it that EVERY snowstorm they have to cover my entire sidewalk with snow from the street—the same sidewalk I’m technically responsible for clearing by the city? That they have even plowed over my sidewalk AFTER I clearly shoveled it?

Or is the multiple times the past two snowstorms these pieces of shit have plowed in my driveway, even after I clearly spent the time to shovel it out. I didn’t know the blind were allowed to operate snowplows. I guess consideration for the efforts of others is not a requirement to drive a snow plow.

It’s not just me. One of my friends, a single woman who weighs 98 pounds soaking wet called my wife and was in tears after shoveling out her 20’ wide driveway, with a shovel, only moments later to have an ashole snow plow driver pile up all the snow from the end of her street right in front of the driveway—we’ve been to her house, there’s PLENTY of room to pile that snow elsewhere. What a DICK.

I’m out of town today, so I hired a snow removal service to dig my wife out of yesterday’s blizzard. He stopped by yesterday to check it out, and was nice enough to shovel out this FIRST batch of snow Asshole Snow Plow Driver dumped in front of the driveway. Then, my wife reports that since then, the snow plow driver FUCKING DID IT AGAIN. Then, the guy calls me this morning and said he will be late because not only did he got plowed in too, HIS snow plow driver had the balls to pile snow right into a handicapped parking spot outside his house.

It’s bad enough the inconsideration of these pricks. Now they are killing people too---- a snowplow driver ran over and killed a pregnant woman yesterday in Brooklyn. Again, consideration, safety, care . . … not on thse guys resumes.

Now, snow plow drivers and municipal officials are whining that homeowners are insulting them, threatening them, throwing snowballs at them, and worse. I dont condone that behavior and prefer to vent my anger here, but . . . . HINT??? Oh, and dont bother complaining to your local municpality, either. They dont care, besides, you put your self in danger of the snow plow guys learning where you ive, and Im sure retaliating with more piles of snow right on your driveway apron.

I love the diagrams municipalities and some states give us, “If you walk the snow 20 feet away from the street, you won’t get plowed in.” Yeah right, I really feel like dying of a heart attack in the hopes that these idiots will stop right before plowing in my driveway, and say: “OH LOOK, that homeowner shoveled their driveway the EXACT way we demand so we dont have to a little extra work. Let’s stop right here with the snow and not dump it at the driveway apron”. Does anyone really thing these guys are THAT smart?? Or that they give 2 shits? I know they dont----my friend mentioned before did EXACTLY what that stupid diagram said to do, and got fucked, hard.

Don’t give me the “they work so hard” excuse either. You know who works hard? Bricklayers. Ditchdiggers. 98 pound women shoveling their driveways by hand. I’m sorry, I don’t call sitting on your fat ass for 12 hours pushing snow around while jerking off to the Howard Stern Show on satellite radio “working hard.” DO YOUR JOB, AND TAKE THE EXTRA 5 SECONDS TO PLOW MY STREET THE RIGHT WAY, DUMMY . Fuck you, fuck the snow, and SHOVE IT UP YOUR FAT ASS.

Don’t get my started on how many of them feel they can ignore traffic laws and signs while clearing snow. I almost got T-boned by 3 driving home from work on a busy enough main street (they had the Stop Sign).

Disregarding your stupid ass crap that they don’t work hard, what exactly is ‘THE RIGHT WAY’ to plow a street so the snow doesn’t get in your driveway. If they are plowing ‘curb to curb’, there isn’t any way to prevent it from getting in your driveway. So do tell, how do they prevent that?

Some cities have installed snow gates on their plows to help with the driveway situation, but they cost money and add time, more than ‘FIVE SECONDS’, to the time it takes to plow the street so they now get bitched at for spending more money and taking more time to do it ‘THE RIGHT WAY’. They can’t win.

I will agree with the part about them seeming to wait until you are done shoveling before they come by and plug it up again. It seems uncanny how they know just when you are done.

I’m also confused . . . how do they plow without pushing snow into the end of driveways? I just figure that that’s the price I pay for plowed streets; that most of the shoveling I have to do is keeping up with the “street snow” that ends up at the foot of the driveway.

I don’t know where you live, but around here they pretty much CAN ignore signs and ‘traffic laws’. You’re basically told to stay the fuck out of their way.

Weak sauce. You’re street number 217 of the 900 roads they have to try to plow today, that people want plowed in the next hour, no, right now, damnit, right now. Would it better if you waited all day to be plowed out, then towards late afternoon saw the truck daintly working its way up your street, arranging the snow just so, taking four times as long but doing twice as nice a job?

I try to either wait until they’re done OR I snowblow way out into the street, a good 8 feet in front of my driveway and to the left of it. Helps a little. The problem is, that I live right on the corner of an inside curve so as the plow comes around all the snow slides off the blade. I’ve lived here for about 10 years and in my estimation, I can take the amount of snow and figure there’ll be about three times that much at the end of my driveway. Not a big deal when we get a few inches, but when we get 6+ inches of wet snow (meaning 18 inches in front of my driveway), that becomes a problem.

Actually, a Bobcat clearing a parking lot backed into her while she was loading groceries.

Jesus Christ you sound like whiny pansy. If your 98 pound friend can’t manage to shovel her own driveway maybe she should hire it out or live in an apartment.

Where are they suppose to put the snow? Plows push the snow to one side. Moving it to specific areas (where?!) is not going to be easy with an angled plow.

There are streets around me that haven’t yet seen a plow. Can they have yours?

I absolutely agree! It is clearly society’s responsibility to keep you from being in any way inconvenienced by snow. After all, you never ordered any of it! And those lazy bastards who do nothing else than clearing roads should get off their fat asses and shovel your driveway too. You pay your taxes - damn if you should have to cope with any old crap that falls out of the sky.

Stupid, stupid rant. Suck it up and shovel, there’s no way the plow is going to avoid every single driveway. Welcome to the winter, get used to it.

If the OP wold just get off their ass and snow blow the street before the plows come through he/she could place the snow where ever he/she wanted. The plows wouldn’t even have to drive down their street!.

OP, I don’t know where you are, but please don’t move anywhere north. We don’t want to be responsible for you dying of a heart attack.

Our snow plows do everything in the OP and more. And you know what? Despite getting 200+ inches of snow many years, we never, ever, ever, ever have to worry about not being able to go somewhere because of the roads. We might stay home because of a whiteout, or because we don’t want to plow our own driveway. but the roads WILL be driveable.

Yay snow plows! Yay snow plow drivers!

I am amusing myself at the thought of a snow plow driver miraculously discovering where the OP lives and having the OP come home to find his driveway buried under 6 feet of snow from curb to garage door.

Ah, sweet justice.

Of course there always bad apples, but not in every crate. Driving snowploughs is really stressful, they don’t have great traction on ice and snow. Those 10-wheeler rigs can total a lot of cars in a real big hurry. 15 tons (or better) of truck sliding out of control is a wicked thought on any residential street. But I feel your pain, 6 feet of snow piled up in front of your driveway sucks big time.

There’s a balance, if you want to pay triple the taxes, you can get triple the service.

The reason the diagrams direct you to remove the snow ahead of your driveway isn’t because the plow drivers have a button they can press to direct the snow they’re pushing into that spot. It’s because if there is enough snow along the side of the street that it’s keeping extra snow on the plow, that snow will fall as soon as there is a gap. If you move the gap to before your driveway instead of right at the start of it, you might get a little less snow pushed into it. If doing a little extra shoveling before the plow arrives doesn’t make your life easy enough, your best bet is to direct any complaints you have to whichever deity you believe dropped the snow in the first place.

I don’t gripe about them pushing snow. They can’t realistically plot out and move the snow in the optimum locations for every street.

But this year the most maddening thing happened. At the beginning of our last snow storm I was trying to get to work and got stuck behind 3 snowplows going 10 mph down the highway. As there was only three lanes on the highway they had everyone backed up behind them for a good 2 miles. The lucky cars that got on via entrance ramps in front of the blockade had no problem doing 65 mph and were soon gone.

At the time there was no snow on the ground. Plow bladess were down scraping the concrete but not really doing anything. I thought that they might be additionally spraying the highway with salt or icing solution but that wasn’t the case.

They finally got to a spot where the highway widened to 4 or more lanes and most of us were able to pass them up and go 65 mph. In all I was stuck in the “parade” for about 20 min before I had a chance to pass.

I can only guess that some bureaucratic supervisor told them to start plowing and they did what they were told. Either that or somebody thought it was a great idea to piss off hundreds of motorists on their way to work.

Well, next time you are behind one of them when it is snowing you can be like the people who try to race around them.

Yeah that works.

Who doesn’t love first tracks on fresh powder?!