Seasonal outdoor chores: Mow the lawn or shovel snow?

Which of these chores do you dislike more: mowing the lawn or shovelling/clearing snow?

I voted on my husband’s behalf. :slight_smile:

Raking leaves.

Mowing the lawn, since I’ve never lived anywhere that snow was an issue while old enough to remember (we lived for a few years in New York when I was very young, I’m told).

I said “I’m real sorry” but that didn’t cut it,
I started to protest, but Dad said
Homer: Shut it.
Get up. Mow the lawn. Move it. On the double.
'Cause if you don’t, you’re in deep, deep trouble.

Simpsons - Deep, Deep Trouble

Raking pine needles is even worse (but not as bad as mowing the lawn).

There really are no words vehement enough to describe my hatred of mowing the lawn.

If it’s just snow and not packed down or icy at the bottom I don’t mind it. Don’t mind mowing the lawn at all now that I own the house, but it’s about time to start making the kids do it just out of principle.

I have a riding mower, so I don’t mind doing the yard. We’ve also got about 100’of driveway - not a fun chore to clear it by hand.

Not looking forward to snowmageddon tomorrow. Ugh.

Shoveling the driveway is about functionality: I do it so my wife and I can get our cars in/out of the garage.

When I’m done mowing/trimming the lawn, it looks pretty good, which is somewhat rewarding.

Either way I get some much-needed exercise.

Shoveling snow. I have such a short walkway and length of sidewalk, and usually the amount of snow isn’t that much to begin with. Plus, I have one of those old-timey manual lawnmowers. It’s a terrific upper body work-out pushing that thing around. But it is a bit of a chore. Especially with the sun beating down on me, and the mosquitos. However, I do enjoy the sense of accomplishment afterwards.

I almost want to make a blanket statement that says “anyone that says mowing the lawn is worse than shoveling snow hasn’t lived in Minnesota this year”.
The past months here have been exhausting with the amount of unrelenting snow that we have run out of places to put it, coupled with the exhausting cold, and the last storm which left a nice thick layer of ice two weeks ago and then piled several inches of snow on top of that. That layer of ice, still there on most sidewalks, driveways, sidestreets, and parts of highways too.

Couple that with the fact that if someone walks on our lawn before we mow, no big deal, as opposed to someone walking on the sidewalk before we get to shovel it. F*$% that. We had a major snowstorm come through and in the middle of it, I was shoveling a quick path around the house before I completely cleared the whole thing so I could avoid snow compression. A person-who could have walked on either side of the street on top of this- walked up on the unshoveled side while I was almost done with a path. She had the nerve to say “hi” all sweetly. It was one of those moments where a jury of my Minnesota peers might just let me go for slapping her in the face with the back of a shovel. It’s unwritten etiquette to try and mitigate the compression if possible and there she was, just flaunting it. I’m surprised it still makes me this angry.

I don’t mow any more as my house is in the mountains. I’m glad to be done with that chore. I do have to plow snow though. I’d say it’s a trade off. The only problem with plowing though, is you run the risk of getting stuck and having a real, real bad day.

Add to all of this there is just no place to put the extra snow. It’s a little better now because we had a mini thaw about a week ago but before that I was lifting heavy shovels full of snow over my head to get them on top of the snowbank.

My already narrow driveway is even more narrow due to the banks of snow and it’s now exactly long enough for both cars and a couple of feet of separation. Thanks to the trees that fell in the Christmas ice storm that the landlord hasn’t cleared yet we gave up on the top half the the driveway and have been using it as a place to store snow instead of a surface to clear snow off of.

Snow, a million times snow.

We have a long and steep driveway, over 1/10 mile. We don’t get snow often, but it’s miserable (and usually icy) to shovel. And cold. Our lawn is rather small, and I don’t mind being out on warm sunny days. We don’t get hot and humid here in the Northwest, which I’m sure is a factor. So, easy poll for me.

I live in the south do I don’t have to shovel snow

I have a riding lawnmower so that’s an easy chore. I actually enjoy it. Why would anyone do drugs when they could just mow a lawn?

I hear you there. It’s been a weird snow year here on the continental divide. Oh, we always get a lot, but…

I’ve a new plow truck I’m getting used to, and did not push some of our initial snows back far enough. So, I’m running out of room too.

I voted mowing the lawn, only because I live in south Georgia, and have never shoveled snow, nor needed to. And I have no intention of ever living somewhere that requires snow management.

Actually, I sort of like mowing, though. It’s peaceful, because I can’t hear the constant chorus of “Mom, Mommy, Honey, I need ???” And it’s a job that stays done for at least a little while, unlike dishes or laundry or meal prep or cleaning house, which usually come undone as soon as they get finished.

I have literally never shoveled snow in my life. The one time we had enough (6-8 inches) that would require shoveling the drive I simply hooked the dozer blade to my 4WD tractor and cleared the snow in 3 passes. Easy peasy!

Cutting grass, OTOH, is a pain in the rear.

Time and time again — in summer and winter — I’ve gone to the window in the morning only to be disappointed. Those damned elves only make shoes.