Fuck you Sky News (mild)

My bus was diverted coming from town - assumed it was a protest or something.

Then I see a Sky News headline ‘Protesters storm Irish Parliament’, and think ‘Holy shit’. I then desperately search online for updates, wondering the whole time why no Irish media reported this, trying to find out if the Taoiseach has been killed, or something.

Turns out that things got heated during a protest outside the Parliament, but the Gardaí beat them off with batons. And that’s it.

Fuck you Sky News, you always do this, you are a tv tabloid which traffics in sensationalist headlines and bullshit stories.

It’s hard for me to muster much sympathy for you when this is the crap that passes for “news” on this side of the Atlantic.

Aren’t they the British version of Fox News. If so, then I can’t say I’m too surprised.

Sack Kay Burley, watch the BBC

IMO, any thread that starts with “Fuck you” cannot by any stretch of the imagination be “mild.”

They’re a News Corporation subsidiary, but news broadcasts in the UK are required by law to maintain a neutral stance. People accuse them of skewing right, but they’re nothing like Fox News - no organizing tea parties or anything like that.

Then your imagination needs to get off its fat ass and do some yoga.

This is very true. having watched quite a bit of FOXNews I can say that Sky News is nothing like it.

It likes being dramatic and OTT but that kinda goes with the 24hrs rolling news thing but their actual news is generally straight down the line. They do have a tendency to hire right wing fucknuts for their editorial/comment type shows like Littlejohn but they aren’t the core of the station by any means.

She is an attractive lady. The rent a mob are only making themselves look ridiculous.