Is ABC showing BBC news reports?

Over here in Britain, very often the BBC shows news reports from Iraq submitted by American ABC correspondents. I was just wondering whether ABC news shows BBC reports or not, and how this arrangement is organised.
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… and I’ve just seen ITV show a report from a CNN correspondent, do any British reports get onto US TV?

And Sky News keeps running Fox reports :rolleyes: - any reciprocation there?

Well, I don’t recall any specific bbc reports as of late. But I do remember that I’ve seen “foreign” reports. So yes its possible that we get BBC reports here. Its just that they don’t exactly flaunt where they get their reports from.

Also if your getting Fox “news” over there… I’m sorry.

Murdoch owns Sky and Fox, so it was only a matter of time before cross-pollination occurred. Sky’s quite gung-ho (though not in comparison to the US stations) but their main fault is making mountains out of mole-hills. “BREAKING NEWS! Man walks out of building! He might or might not be important!”

Oh, this is in GQ. Sorry. I’ll shut up now.

BBC News 24, before the war started, used to show a half hour news report from ABC every night.

I’ve also seen ITV using CCN reports. So they may have had the same sort of deal in their rolling news channel before the war.

I’d be very surprised if jjimm gets his news from Sky/Fox. I’ve yet to meet anyone who watches Sky for anything other than sports, but you have to take it as part of the package to get the cable/satellite channels you really want.

This report from last January explains how the BBC have been planning to expand their tie-in with ABC to increase their profile in the USA. It remains to be seen whether the deal will happen, but it suggests that some of the reports currently being shown on over two hundred stations over there have come from the BBC news teams already.

Sky does indeed come with the basic Dublin cable monopoly package (without which one is limited to the Irish channels, which, no offense to anyone Irish, suck bigtime). However, being a news slut, I have Sky’s rolling news on for much of the time I’m at home. So I do actually get some of my news from it. I tend to change over to the BBC or Channel 4 when their reports come on.

I haven’t seen anything from BBC on the mainstream broadcast or cable networks, at least not with any regularity.

There was an article in the Washington Post March 27 (will be online for free for two weeks from that date) about BBC reporting of the war.
“BBC World” [is] a global broadcast whose tone is so different from that of the American networks that it sometimes seems to be examining a different war.
The article cotnrasts the British reporting to the U.S. networks, and goes on to say that in its effort to provide balanced reporting, BBC has drawn criticism from all sides. (The tacit conclusion is that the U.S. networks tell the public what they want to hear instead of the facts.)

The local public TV stations in DC rebroadcast BBC World.

That’s an interesting article, CookingWithGas. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise anyone who is used to BBC coverage that they are being criticised by all sides. The article deserves a few comments and corrections though:

I have no idea who Andrew Sullivan is, but his comments are just factually incorrect. Although a substantial amount of the BBC’s funding comes from a UK tax, it is emphatically not “government-run” in the sense that the government party has any editorial control over its coverage. It is against UK Law for the government to influence the BBC and the corporation is frequently criticised by governments for being anti-government. In any case, if the government was able to influence its coverage it would be pro-war.

You should also understand that the Morning Star newspaper has a communist editorial stance (and a tiny circulation), and the Times is very conservative. Their views are more a reflection of their own bias than an ability to criticise the BBC objectively.

I do try to keep an objective viewpoint towards most news stories, and I respect the BBC (and Channel 4) for their general lack of bias. It really should be emphasised that reports from both these sources regularly provide commentary from a pro-war and anti-war perspective, and they give coverage of both positive and negative reactions to the war from within Iraq, from other Arab countries, European countries, the USA and the UK. Different BBC reporters disagree with each other even within a single broadcast. It assumes the audience is intelligent enough to derive an accurate perception of the truth from amongst this variety. You can decide for yourself if an American audience could be expected to treat the news in a similar way.

BTW we do get blatantly pro-war bias in the coverage from ITV News, which is the other major terrestrial network.

Sullivan is a Murdoch mouthpiece who rants in the Sunday Times, and is much beloved of our dear friend december.

To add to what Everton said, it’s better to think of the Beeb as being publicly-funded rather than government-run, with a strict mandate for independence.