Fuck You Terrorists!

Terrorists in the Russian republic of Dagestan detonated an anti-personnel mine as a marching band celebrating the defeat of the Nazis crossed over it. At least 32 are dead (including 12 kids and 15 veterans), and over 130 injured. The people you killed were children, veterans, and musicians on their way to lay wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but instead you blew them to pieces. The picture of that twisted tuba will always remain with me, you sick fucks.

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Oh, and fuck you too, FARC! Fuck you with a hot iron up the ass, stupid dimwits! Even though it was an ‘accident’, blowing up a church filled with civilians is atrocious. Forty children died with a total body count exceeding 120. (sorry, don’t have a link, read about it in the Houston Chronicle)