How about Gregor Fucka! Or is it Fushia? Two for Five.

Not his strongest showing, but the U.S. has a strong men’s basketball Olympic team this year. Final US-93 Italy-61.

Take it to the Pit, ya dork!

Oh, it’s another Olympics thread. My bad. Sorry. :smiley:

Hiya Audrey! Been a while.

Nice to see you visit my butchered thread.

It was supposed to read that NBC pronounced it ‘Fushia’. Or at least that’s what they did.

I snapped it on, laughed, and waited… and waited… and waited… I had to see how they pronounced his name.

Kind of a let-down.

Hi CnoteChris!

Argh, I should be sleeping now… ::sigh::

“Fushia”, eh? Fortunately, we all know better.

You know, I should watch TV for a change-- I have no idea how the Olympics are going. I did get to see some of the gymnastics stuff while at Bubba Gump’s tonight, but the sound was off. I was left to provide my own commentary, and I did. :smiley: