Fugitive Klansman caught in Tel Aviv

Story here:

To which I say… the hell? This is the best place he could find to hide out?

So what, now I have to start worrying about the Klan, too?

Who the hell would look for a Klansman in Tel Aviv?

Better be on the lookout for Whitey Bulger too.

My old man’s a klansman.
What do you think about that?
He wears a klansman’s hood,
He wears a klansman’s hat.
He wears a klansman’s raincoat,
He even wears klansman’s shoes,
And every Saturday evening,
He burns a couple of jews.

[sub]with apologies to the Smothers Brothers[/sub]

Klansman from Tel Aviv would be an awesome band name.

I guess he thought “hiding amongst the enemy” would be a good plan. Guess not.

Yeah, I think the OP’s surprise says something about the wisdom of this plan. :slight_smile:

And once more, a proud Aryan falls victim to the lure of Hebrew nookie:

Two things everyone should know about Israeli women:

  1. Yes, they ARE that hot.

  2. Do not fuck with them. Seriously: don’t.

I find myself wondering which aspect of the situation struck the girlfriend as more shocking and horrible:

  1. “Honey, I’m wanted by the FBI”.


  1. “Honey, I’m in the KKK”.

If there’s been a more appropriate time to ask for a citation, I don’t know of it. Multiple cites please, in the interest of thoroughness of course.

+1 to that. I’m sorry I don’t believe your lies that Israeli women are that hot.

Why did the klansman go to Israel?
He heard there was a white sale.
Yeah, I just made it up. Sorry.

Comedy Gold Jerry!

Ah, I’ve been looking for a name for my new Bluegrass-Klezmer fusion band.

There was an article a while back about an influx of young Eastern European neo-nazi types taking advantage of Israel’s Law of Return by claiming to be Jewish to get out of their own economically depressed countries.

Claims are useless without pics. Preferably revealing pics.

The last time someone did that, their AK47s (or whatever the guns were) were revealed for all to see.

Two cites:



Especially if they’re in the Israel Defense Forces.

Plenty of cites.

While poking around a bookstore in Jerusalem, I was amused to find that there are “good luck in the army!” and “congratulations on getting out of the army!” greeting cards in Israel.

Some of the former come with condoms.

As would be The Jew Klux Klan.