Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Last July 4, we were not yet settled into our home, which we bought at the start of the month, then spent July and August remodeling before moving in. So we didn’t bother with local fireworks.

This year, I was curious whether the local crackers, set approximately 4 miles away as the Googlemap measures, could be seen from home, so as to save us a future trip to fight the crowds for parking, especially on nights such as this, when everything is mud from afternoon thunderstorms.

I checked in from time to time, glancing out an upstairs bedroom window, looking where I knew the fireworks should be (and where a floodlight was sweeping across the sky, hoping for Batman), throughout what sounded like a pretty decent fireworks display. Big booms, good clustered flurries, and nearly an hour long*.

But for all I heard, I saw exactly two blooms over top of a very tall tree directly in the path of the display. Proof enough for me that if we don’t go and see the fireworks on the happy side of the woods, we won’t get anything positive out of laziness, staying at home.

*Actually, we may live in enough of a middle ground that I heard two or three different fireworks display, and it was not possible to distinguish direction from my office.

Kinda racist, ain’t it? Crackers???

Oh wait. You mean fireworks.