"Full of yeast"/"full of beans"

What do they mean?

– talkative, verbose, loquacious?

– cheerful, perky, chipper?

– energized, alert, active?

I’ve never heard “full of yeast,” but “full of beans” means pretty much all of the above. Hepped-up, full o’ the Old Nick.

Oh, here’s another possibility

– proud, arrogant, boastful

also, full of gas, ie flatulent.

But I’ve always heard it used in contexts that make it sound more or less positive. Flatulent wouldn’t seem to fit.

Before I start digging in my sources, I would volunteer that “full of beans” means to me that the person is “incorrect, wrong, full of sh*t.” This would be my guess back in the 1950’s, 60’s and later.

Well, everyone’s right.

Talking strictly about “full of beans” the first cite is from 1854. It pretty clearly meant “spirited and lively.” And more cites from the 20th century meaning the same.

But, in my defense, there are plenty of 20th century cites which meant “full of nonsense, full of bull.”

Info courtesy of Lighter, Random House Hist. Dic. of Am Slang