Definitions of different types of...erm, fecal matter.

[Note: I’m pretty sure it’s inappropriate to use words like “s___”) in GQ, so I’m substituting the usual awkward euphemisms.]

Okay, I’ve seen these…“feces words” (hey, I said this was awkward :p) used a number of ways, like any number of other inappropriate words. I have a pretty good idea of what the individual types mean, but let me know how accurate I am.

bull (sometimes used alone): Lies, dishonesty, swindle, etc. Also anything that shouldn’t be possible or is grossly unfair (popular when referring to video games and thelike), or “just plain wrong”.

horse: Wild bluster, extremely dubious claims, propaganda, etc. When referring to spoken statements, “bull” is something the speaker knows is false, whereas “horse” is something the speaker doesn’t know for certain is false, but is highly unlikely or a skewed version of the truth.

dog: Hopelessly inadequate, worthless.

chicken: I’m pretty sure this means either “petty” or “bureaucratic”, i.e. some annoying little task that serves no clear purpose. But I’ve also seen it used in its non-fecal connotation (cowardly), as well as “inappropriate”.

bat/ape: Both mean the same thing; completely overboard, going way too far, wildly excessive, etc.

pig: I saw this once on one of the Survivor threads. I’m pretty sure it refers to underdeveloped backwaters, “hicktown”.

We’re mature enough to deal with shit at the SDMB but things like this belong in a different forum than GQ. I’ll be quite amazed if anyone comes up with a authoritative cite for it at any rate. For the record I think your definitions of shit expressions are on the money but that’s strictly an IMHO. Please stand by, I’m sure a moderator will here shortly to assist you.

Actually, you can say “shit” in GQ, in the proper context. For example, you can say “What does ‘chickenshit’ mean?” but you can’t say “bibliophage is a chickenshit moderator” outside the BBQ Pit.

“Bull” meaning nonsense (dating from the 17th century) wasn’t originally a eurphemism for “bullshit” (dating from the 20th century as a single word), though a lot of people seem to use it that way now. Some people believe it was a reference to papal bulls, but the OED is dismissive of that etymology.

I do believe this is GQ territory. We’re talking about definitions of words after all, even if some of them may not be found in your average dictionary.

See, a helpful mod right away. They’re really good at this kind of shit.