fun at 3am

So I just got back from chasing a lost cat around our apartment complex for an hour…Sheesh!! I don’t know the cat or the owner or the boyfriend from Adam, but damned if we weren’t determined to find that dumbass cat (spoken with affection…I’m a huge cat lover, but as all cat lovers know, it IS possible to love cats and hate them at the same time.)
Here’s the story: I saw a flier on our apartment entry way about a lost cat, and it had a very clear picture of this cat. I got excited because i had seen the SAME CAT a few days earlier (about one day before she got lost, according to the flier). She was on our little back porch. Our two cats were growling at her, so I put on the porch light, and there I saw a beautiful kitty-cat!
And about an hour ago (a week after she was lost)…the same scenario!! I called the phone number which forwarded me to a woman’s cell phone nearly halfway across the state! So she called her boyfriend that’s living in the same complex…He came over to my house where i was waiting and watching the cat to make sure she didn’t go anywhere. And the chase began. This cat is so damned elusive. We would get within a few feet of her and she’d run again; this happened about ten friggin’ times. I know we looked like idiots at 3am in the morning shouting “Shay!” and jiggling cat toys, and running after this cat, crunching piles of dead leaves that we couldn’t see in the dead of night. I had a piddly little flashlight that actually did help quite a lot (helped her eyes to glow, etc). But alas, we did not catch the cat :frowning:
Apparently this cat is fond of hanging out on my back porch every now and then, so I’ve put out food and water in case she comes back. I stay up pretty late because I work the nightshift, so I’ll hear my cats growling if she comes back. Only trouble is, I have no idea how I’ll detain her until her people show up. Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet, try to grab her, and stuff her in a carrier, scratches be damned. <sings Cat Scratch Fever>
Oh, we cat lovers have to stick together, right folks? My cat was once lost for three weeks, and I had given him up for dead, but I put out fliers too, and some kind soul called me in the middle of the night and I went to their home and found him under their house. I know what it’s like to lose a pet that you love, so I was more than happy to traipse around in the wee hours to find a beloved cat :slight_smile: I thought for sure someone was going to call the cops on us and report two crazy people running around in the leaves at 3am.
So that’s my mundane pointless story i had to share.


purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… rub, rub i love catlovers… curls up in SuperLorie’s lap