Fun Coincidences

I got an iPod when I got my new car with plug-in to the console. Of course I went nuts collecting music from amazon and burning my CDs to iTunes. In the process I bought an Arlo Guthrie album since I like some of his songs and don’t mind learning some new ones. So, sometimes I just pick a random spot on the iPod and listen to the subsequent songs in alphabetically order, and I was doing so yesterday. On comes one of the Arlo songs, which I have never heard before in my life and knew nothing of

and it starts “It’s the tenth of January…” (Darkest Hour)


(I had the date in my head since my mom died 1/10/10 at 1:10 CDT – coincidence?! I think so :slight_smile: since it was in Colorado 12:10am )

And a historic one – I was walking in Times Square and almost got hit by a car with license plate RIP GDG (my initials!!).

I changed my birthday years ago. Took some time to pick out the date, but went more on a seasonal and timing thing. Years go by, and I’m visiting relatives I haven’t seen in twenty years. We get to talking, it comes up and the coincidence was revealed: I knew who I was named after, but never met him because he had died several years before I was born. He died on the same day I had chosen.

Which kind of topped all the other mini-coincidences and weirdnesses of the birthday. A girl I met laughed at the coincidence that it was the same date as her first marriage (we’re just celebrating our tenth anniversary together–hooray us!).

I was never one for astrology beyond pop culture, but thought it was apropos when someone told me that the star sign for the new date was Gemeni … the twins.

And lastly (still with astrology), I stumbled upon another bit of twinish weirdness. Everything I learned about Chinese astrology came from cheesy placemats at cheap Chinese places. You know, the ones that tell you what ‘animal’ you are. Well, it turns out that the placemats are broken up by the western concept of the year, but the Chinese calendar the animals are based on follows the lunar calendar. My ‘original’ birthdate was on the cusp, and was actually the animal listed for the previous year.

Weirdness all around.