Fun or interesting coincidences in song

After the recent death of Glenn Frey, I pulled out my Eagles Greatest Hits CD and gave it a listen. And one song, as it always does, reminded me of an incident back in my freshman year of college. I was pissed off at my girlfriend because she was supposed to wait for me to get back from class before going to lunch, but when I got back to the dorm I found out that she had gone early with her roommate and some other friends. So as we were fighting about this, what song should come on the radio but “Already Gone”, and of course we both just lost it at the line “And then you’ll have to eat your lunch all by yourself.”

Anybody else have a story about a particular song coming on at just the right time?

I’ll have a tune in my head and then the radio plays it. :confused:

More than once I’ve been at the drugstore picking up a prescription and the radio behind the counter is playing “Stayin’ Alive.”

I was once telling some friends a story about Aleister Crowley and it was perfect timing–The moment I finished the story, the Ozzy Osbourne song Mr. Crowley came on.

I’ll repeat one from another “coincidences” thread:

I got an iPod when I got my new car with plug-in to the console. Of course I went nuts collecting music from amazon and burning my CDs to iTunes. In the process I bought an Arlo Guthrie album since I like some of his songs and don’t mind learning some new ones. So, sometimes I just pick a random spot on the iPod and listen to the subsequent songs in alphabetically order, and I was doing so 1/10/16. On comes one of the Arlo songs, which I have never heard before in my life and knew nothing of

and it starts “It’s the tenth of January…” (Darkest Hour) :eek: