Fun cryptozoology

A co-worker recently returned from her vacation in South Dakota and brought back magnets featuring an example of the local fauna. Now, I’ve heard of jackalopes (part jack rabbit, part antelope, looks like a bunny with antlers), but this critter, in addition to these characteristics, also has a pheasant’s tail and wings. Now what the heck are they trying to claim they have? A jackapheasalope? I asked my co-worker, but she didn’t know. Anyone up on the local legends and tall tales?

Flying Jackalopes, of course.

Almost as popular as the fur-bearing trout.

Oh, and technically they should be called Jackamuledeer, as they sprot mule deer antlers rather than pronghorn horns.

Now that’s pedantic!

Good call DrFidelius. Most people don’t know not to call them antelope. Anyone remember the jackabasselope litte from Bloom County?

It was a basselope, part bassethound, part antelope. Her name was “Rosebud”, and it was a she, despite many years of people assuming it was a “he.” Berke Brethed made it a “she” during a time (in the strip-world) when fictional NWA people were protesting that no women lived in Bloom County. This was some time after the character was introduced. I’m fairly certain that Rosebud was also one of the first characters to make the cross-over to Outland.

For the record, I was a HUGE Bloom County fan.

Dr Fidelius, I’ve seen some that WERE fitted with pronghorn horns. I believe we have a case of species divergence here. Anthropological evidence obtained from Douglass, Wyoming suggests that pronghorn horns were present on the earliest known sightings.

It was the Scoobius Pip obviously described in King Henry Leer’s Poem.

jayron, I think Padeye is referring to the babies Rosebud and Hodge Podge the rabbit had together. Those were jackabasselopes :slight_smile: