Is there a carnivore with hooves?

Somewhere I picked up the “fact” that there’s a type of deer-like animal that eats meat. Is this true, or have I read After Man once too often and mixed it with current critters?

The Jackalope has horns, but no hooves.

Does Andrewsarchus mongoliensis count?

I know you’re looking for a more specific type of animal.

But pigs are ominivrous, and wild boar are known to eat small reptiles, lamb, young deer. So there is at least one known animal with hooves that eats meat.


I remember this story from a few years back. Is that what you’re thinking of?

Sounds like this might have a religious background in the question. What would that be?

Hmmm… could it be… oh, I don’t know… perhaps… SATAN?!

In the Deadwood series, which we just recently watched all of on DVD, remember that they disposed of the dead bodies by feeding them to the Mr. Wu’s pigs.

It might be that one. Probably is. I hate it when I get my wires crossed this way and remember things that aren’t.

And when was the last time Satan ate anyone? I’m sure he outsources for that, hard to be suave and debonair when you’re munching a fellow.

As most anti-vegetatians will jump at the chance to tell you, all grazers relish the bugs and such in the plant matter they eat.
Is an aphid meat?

Jackalopes are still herbivores though (at least all the ones I have worked with). The rabbit parent is obviously an herbivore but so is the either deer or antelope parent so the offspring are always herbivores as well. An antelope/hare cross is imposing in stature but they can’t eat so much as a field mice even if they wanted too although the buckteeth can cause nasty damage to a hand or crotch if attention is allowed to wonder even for a second.

There are some deer with impressive fangs. Witness the musk deer. But it is not carnivorous.

Well, unless you count the blood of virgins. :wink:

My gameroom is full of jackalope heads i’ve hunted and killed myself. I have some stuffed, and for what it’s worth, their hooves are some strange mix between a rabbit like foot and a deer or antelope, but instead of claws, there are hooves growing out of each digit. It kinda makes me gag every time I see it, but it’s this tell-tale sound of 16 hooves scraping against the hard-packed, dry desert of the american west that gives away their position. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a jackalope ripping the throat out of a fellow human as aggressive as they are, does that count?

Jackalopes are fellows to humans too? Now I’m really worried.

Hey, if the jackrabbits can breed with antelope, why not humans? A Jackaman? Basically a rabbit with opposable thumbs.

Evidence of a carnivorous jackalope?

Hooved opposable thumbs…

Here’s a nice shot of a musk deer skull. :eek:

They’re not carnivores now, but it sure looks like they’re keeping their options open.

Between this and the “Humans as Prey” thread, I’m beginning to welcome our new ungulate overloards.
But then I remember my user name…

While carnivore does not equal predator, I would expect hooves be a hinderance to predation. While in pursuit, a predator has to change direction in reaction to the fleeing prey. Hooves would not be my first choice of footwear for this. And while hooves can cause injury, claws have advantages of fine manipulation and the direction of a claw strike is inward, drawing the prey towards the predator. A hoof strike pushes away.