Fun with Dictation in Mac OSX Mountain Lion...

If any of you have installed the new Mac OSX Mountain Lion, now’s your chance to generate minutes of fun!

In the Reply Box, double-tap the Function key to activate Dictation mode. Speak complete gibberish, like an alien robot going haywire and post the results here.

I’ll go first…

By the Duschner it to both not to snore Schnieder bored.

BP Leo and don’t be back beaten Banche

Sad I am in New Orleans Naupaka do dinner Fornum room.

Hey what’s up my man what’s up with that they got going on down there.

Leaving in a minute about buddy bye-bye

I laddish number it up at the beach the number noumena did you

Not “Mountain Lion” but iPhone 4S dictation:
Mayors eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat baby I Kiteley baby to wouldn’t you

I’m impressed with how much of the “call will be good” it was able to decipher correctly. But then it failed to recognize “gobbledygook”!

Heh. That iPhone one is sorta creepy. No. No I won’t eat baby, let alone put her in the corner. I’m glad the mayor’s getting his portions of grains though.

@cmyk: for our younger readers, allow me to clarify. The sample I dictated was from a popular tune from the 1940s, “Mairzy Doats”.

Ahh, I wasn’t aware of that tune. I thought you spoke improvised gibberish, and that’s what resulted (although the lyrics being gibberish themselves, that’s not bad).

…Oh, oh, dog biscuit, and when he is happy he doesn’t get snappy.

There also seemed to be a resurrection of this song in children’s music classes in the '90s. When I went to college, quite a few people knew it.

Sorry, BTW, I don’t have any Apple product to test with.

Yeah, I’m familiar with it, and I was born in the mid-70s.

I tried this with the Dragon Dictation app on my iPod. I think it just outright ignores most of the gibberish.

“I’m going to happen that I had undergone it but I’m not that we don’t love you Shahaka reward the bag about it I think”

I want to add that speaking in gibberish was extremely pleasurable, and now I understand the whole “speaking in tongues” fad. If I weren’t worried about the looks I’d get, I’d be tempted to do it all the time.

I’m assuming I’m home and I’m
What I actually said: “hoomalommaseemalommmahoomalommaseemalomma…”