Fun with IP addresses

If I have someone’s IP address, what can I find out about them? We have a feedback board on for my improv group (sidenote: last rehersal, one of the actors excitedly announced we had our first post. From a “Mullinator.” I had to disappoint them all by telling them that was someone from my message board, who was SUPPOSED to be helping my HTML. That goes for you, too, Rachelle. :smiley: ) and I want to check to make sure the other actors aren’t posting wise-ass questions. I’m pretty sure they are. If I have their e-mail addresses, can I check somehow?

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There isn’t a lot you can tell. It’s not like you can find out what they have for lunch. However, knowing the IP is great if you want to ban people from posting or want to check for duplicate postings. You can also ban yourself if you aren’t careful. This is about all you can see:
looking up
Official name:
IP address:

Someone stole my username? Shocked is what I am. I won’t rest until I find the rapscallion! I’ll be on this case until I unearth the dastardly nogoodnik. Simply shocked.


Depending, you can find out quite a bit.

I had some loser harrassing me in a chat setting once, and I did a traceroute on him with VisualRoute (the best IMO) and it traced him to a cybercafe in Tennessee.

I casually mentioned that the (whatever the name) Cafe on such-and-such street in whatevertown, TN probably wouldn’t think his harrassment was good use of their equipment…

He freaked out and left me alone, after spazzing about me knowing where he was :slight_smile: I never did tell him how I found out.

I use visual route at work, as far as I can tell its nothing more then a tracert that maps the hops. I dont know how your pinning down an address to a cybercafe. The best an IP is going to do is show who his ISP is, Then you can contact the ISP and they can see who was using the IP at the time and find out that customers Machine Address which will be logged and get to him that way.

I admit I could be wrong, there might be something Im missing here. Fill me in?

I use… well I forget what I use, it’s on my home machine, not this one. But it basically runs a tracert, and gives that lat and long of their location (ok, most like of the location of a post office in their zip code), and projects it onto a map. Which is usefull for scaring the clueless and unsuspecting… or I suppose with the coordinates it gives you, you could bomb them or something, but that’s usually considered to be overkill :wink:

… and they can take appropriate action. But they won’t tell you who it is and give you directions to their house or anything. I use this method whenever I get spam in my inbox, I forward a copy to their ISP. The ISP admin usually get sick of seeing it, and do something about it.

Let’s see… what else can you do with IP#s…

Back in the DAY, ok well not quite that far back… you could winnuke the bastards. When I was a co-imp on a MUD (don’t ask) once, I decided winnuking the little punks was more fun than sitebanning them, and of course they never figured out what was going on.

-dook the vengeful

Not really a whole lot you can do with just an IP…normally, IPs are assigned dynamically, meaning that everytime they log onto their ISP, they’ll receive a new IP.

Cable, DSL, and network designations are usually static, though.

IPs can be useful for determining whether someone MAY be posing as another member, and useful for determining what someone’s ISP is…but with the ease of IP-spoofing, WinGating, and Proxying, even those uses can be easily foiled.

If breaking federal laws doesn’t necessarily give you pause to reconsider your actions, the most severe case of IP-Shenanigans is the use of backdoors like Sub-7 or NetBus…if you can convince someone to install the backdoor, and you know their IP, you can pretty much do anything to their computer.