Fun with Lego

You are not allowed to laugh at this

What’s the punishment for a barely suppressed giggle, then?

Damnation to hell, obviously :smiley:

Then I’m in some seriously deep shit.

Aren’t we all, my man, aren’t we all? :smiley:

Do not taunt Happy Lego Hawking.

I miss playing with lego. Maybe I’ll buy a set.

Will you build your very own Isaac Newton? With an apple on his head? :stuck_out_tongue:

No I’ll build my very own Cecil, to have and to hold.

I heard you can only do that with the Prickly Action Playset, with Extra Spikes.

There’s a new Lego voicebox available. You build a model, and then it will talk to you. If you ask silly questions it contacts the press and subjects you to public ridicule.

My Og, it’s like they know Cecil!

Legos are the perfect toy.

I had a little lego Eisenstein, but every time I looked for it, it changed location.

What are Legos? Some cheap Chinese rip off of Lego? :confused:

Americans (and/or Canadians) use Legos plural for some reason. There is a rip-off of lego called Megabricks or something like that that’s meant to be rather good.

Yes, to Americans and some others (I’ve heard this in New Zealand and Australia as well, but only among the uneducated ;),) one lego brick equals a “lego”, two or more lego bricks equals some “legos.”

Megabloks suck.
HOWEVER, that being said, they did make several military sets, including tanks, jet aircraft and such that the LEGO folks have always avoided.

I just now realized that I totally screwed up that joke.