Fun with license plates!

My boy and I were being silly while stuck in traffic yesterday, cracking on model names and plates. Try it, it’s fun!

Think of how many puns you can come up with using car make and model names, but they must be small enough to fit on a vanity plate. Letters and numbers acceptable, as well as understandable abbreviations, plates have a character limit of seven.

For instance:

If I had a Jeep, it’d be a black one and the plate would read BAABAA.

If I drove a Ford ranger, the plate would read LONE, or maybe SPACE.

If I bought an Explorer, I’d get a plate that said DORA.

From a Car Talk puzzler: What car is appropriate for the license plate “4x4x8”?

Honda Accord. A 4’x4x’8’ pile of wood is “a cord” of wood.

I always wanted a '69 Camaro with the plate “if6was9.”

it’s an obssession…

I guy in my home town had “IB6 UB9”

If I drove an Audi, the plate would have to read INNIE. :smiley:

Doesn’t quite work, as the car’s name is pronounced OY-dee.

Nice try, tho.

Ahh, here in Deeeetroit, we pronounce them thar furrin cars wrong! :smack:

If I had an Imapala, my license plate would read VLAD

Don’t know if you mean that’s the correct German pronunciation, but even the TV & radio commercials use the American “OW-dee” pronunciation all over the US of A, so it does work stateside.

If I had a Ford Pinto, I’d have gotten “XPLODER” (one letter away from their other model, I always say).

Anyone got a good one for my new Z?

If I had a Pinto, mine would read Boom

If I had a Focus, it would read: Outta

If I had a Vega, it would read:** Viva Las **

If I had a Horizon, it would be blue, and the plate would say “BEYOND.”

Mustang: RANCH?

Saw a black Honda Civic the other day, “riced up” as I like to say. But the license plate said “ARIAN”. I thought “son of a bitch! Skinheads in a ricer? Dumbass can’t even spell – he’s one letter off!”

Then I passed the car, and noticed a group of Asian teenagers therein, and laughed. They were STILL one letter off… from ASIAN.

I like taking pictures of silly and strange license plates. I’ve got one of a Saab whose license plate is KMO SAAB.

Honda Civic: CENTER
Audi: O
Toyota Camery: YELLOW
Chrysler Plymoth: ROCK

And if I had a real-life version of the GTA Esperanto, the licence plate would have to read ZAMNHOF!

I saw exactly that. I sooo wanted it. It was a little black jeep, so cute.

Honda Accord: IAN
Honda Civic: DUTY
Mercury Cougar: MLNCAMP
Chevrolet Blazer: JACKET or FIRE, depending on how you define “Blazer”. TRAIL would also work.
Ford Pinto: HIT ME (especially if the driver works as a blackjack dealer)
Dodge Dart: BOARD
Dodge Ram: MEMORY

OK, ready to have some fun with these plates?

Acme License Plate Maker

Make your own and download them to your computer! Use 'em on your webpage! Use 'em as a sig line in your e-mails!

Just don’t blow the JPG up and try to put it on your car.

Pontiac Vibe=BSTFRND

I used to have a Dodge convertible, painted Panther Pink…my license plate said TICKLD…for Tickled Pink.

I never lost it in a parking lot, and my boyfriend–>fiance–>husband didn’t try to borrow it! :smiley:

I miss that car. :frowning: