Fungi from Yuggoth

I’ve got Fungi from Yuggoth!

(I know there’s a ointment available now to take care of that, but…)

Seriously. I found a copy of the 1971 Arkham House paperback in damn good condition. First edition. And a copy of The Survivor by HPL and August Derleth. At my local Goodwill. For a quarter each.

<Doing the happy bibliomaniac bragging dance…>

Recently, Chaosium Press published Nameless Cults, Robert E. Howard’s contribution to the Cthuhlu Mythos.

Howard & Lovecraft were friends, & Lovecraft approved of what Howard tried to do.

I recomend Nameless Cults very strongly.

Is there such an animal as ‘The Complete Lovecraft’? I only ever come across “Best of”-type compilations.

A friend loaned me a book of his a few years back and I fell head-over-heels in love with HPL. I’d rather buy them all in one go then fiddle with a bunch of books that have doubles of stories. :slight_smile:

If you’re serious about it, buy the corrected Arkham House editions in hardcover: THE DUNWICH HORROR AND OTHERS, AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, DAGON AND OTHER TALES OF THE MACABRE. That’ll cover all the stories.

THEN you’ll want MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS and SELECTED LETTERS, volumes one through five.

The two annotated volumes are nice to have, too.

Oh, and, DrFidelius? I hate you.

You’ll probably also want The Horror in the Museum, also from Arkham House, which is all of the Lovecraft collaboration/rewrites.

Also agree with Ukulele Ike that the annotated books are nice.

Thanks very muchly, Ukulele Ike. Titles duly noted.

Now I just need to get to Powell’s !

Ah, buy 'em straight from Arkham House; they’re right there on the front page.

Small specialty publishers need all the support they can get.

I’m somehow imagining DrFidelius dancing like Walter Huston in Treasure of Sierra Madre.

Try Lotramine (clotrimazole), or Micatin, or Mycolox. They usually do a pretty good job of clearing that up.