Fungus, or some such, among me?

For the last week I’ve been experiencing a strange olfactory situation. I’m always smelling a strange odor, one I’ve never experienced before, and can’t quite describe. Vaguely metallic, possibly petroleum-y, and it’s gotten more acrid and pronounced in the past two days. In bed this morning I pressed my nose deeply into my pillow, thinking that if the smell is in the house, I wouldn’t then be aware of it. Still smelled it. My brother and sister-in-law were over, and they smelled nothing unusual in the house. Have also been aware of it at work, where we have a considerable mouse problem. Fresh and dried droppings are everywhere. Is it possible I’ve snorted up something that is now incubating in my nose and sinuses, producing this smell. I have no discomfort, pain, discharge in that area or even a funny taste in my mouth. A co-worker commented that my voice is more resonant than usual, kinda’ like when you get a cold. Do I check the basement for pods, hightail it to my GP, or head straight to an ENT specialist?

Sure, why not. A nasal smear for fungus is quite simple to do. (Sinusitis can be caused by fungus, so they’re getting better at testing for it.)

Olfactory Hallucinations can be a symptom of certain neurological disorders - Googling brought up mentions of epilepsy and such - but since IANEven-nearly-a-neurologist, I won’t go on to say anything else that worrying…

I prescribe a good plug of snuff.

Possibly smelling/tasting iron in your blood from minor bleeding in the nasal area. It’s a psuedo smell tast phenom. Another Doper posted a similar question years ago and it was determined he had been smelling/tasting the iron in his blood.

Ask your doctor.

As we used say in the Army medics, “At ease, disease, there’s fungus among us.”

I strongly second the advice to see your family doc, as this could be symptomatic of numerous things.

Thanks to all you guys. Survey says: See a doc. Got an appointment for Thursday.
I’ll be taking copies of both those articles, merci Duck Duck Goose.