Funkafying the Burbs

So I’m in the supermarket with my two younger boys. It’s my first night cooking in our new house and in my typically half-assed way; I forgot a major ingredient in this instance lemon and pineapple glaze. So we head for the catsup isle. Halfway down the isle is where we need to be; and it’s occupied by a pretty little girl in a shopping cart and her father who’s looking for well whatever they put opposite catsup.

The little girl gives me a great big smile and says “Hello”. I say hello in return and start looking for glaze. My boys eventually wander up the youngest in the lead. The girl turns on the smile again and says hello to Chris who responds in kind. She turns to Stuffy2 and says hello to which Stuffy2 responds “Whassup”, only a hoodie would have made it more street.

This is a new development for the girl. She looks confused for a second then asks “Dad, whats whassup mean? The father thinks a second then says ‘It means hello, in a funky new way’ to which the girl replies ‘oh’, turns to Stuffy2 throws out a pound and with appropriate bass says “Whassup” It was the best laugh I’ve had since I moved.

Aw, small thuggies! Cute!