Funky tail on airplane.

I’d never heard of Funk Aircraft, formerly Akron Aircraft.
One made an emergency landing near Hot Springs Arkansas. It’s tail looks funky to me; it doesn’t match Google pictures. What is with the tail? The vertical stabilizer looks small, and the tail fins look warped.

I think the elevator is pitched up. With the trailing edge of the elevator having a curved shape (like this one), it end up looking odd as a 2-dimensional image.

Googling Funk aircraft, it looks like some of their models have a vertical stabilizer that isn’t very tall, but makes up for it by being long in the fore-and-aft direction to provide adequate surface area.

Thanks, Elf.

Optical illusion. You’re looking at it from almost straight behind. I bet it’s the standard size as the images that Machine Elf linked to but doesn’t show that from this angle. You wouldn’t ask that question if the photo was from the side of the plane.

There’s a slight pitch up in the elevator in the photo of this parked Funk plane. In your article it’s probably moreso.