Funniest Engrish Ever!

We all know and love Engrish. It never fails to crack me consistently up. But this one just tops everything else:


I don’t think that really counts as “Engrish.” It seems like it’s intended to be humourous.

The “child” pictured on the shirt is ambulatory pork.

My favourite real-world example comes from a brief period where I worked at a mushroom farm (which was really more of a mushroom factory.) When filling the shelves with freshly inoculated jars of mushrooms, this girl would be climbing the shelves with one leg on either side of a narrow corridor. I’d be underneath her, and behind, passing up trays. So most of the time her ass would be in my face. An ass that was frequently decorated with unlicenced Sanrio bootleg jeans. Yes, they were emblazoned with Hello, Pussy! on the ass.

Is that anything like Chinglish?


This one is so good, I’m tempted to suspect Photoshop

All your base are belong to us.


It toom me a second or two… Had to repeat it a couple of times to myself before I sprayed coffee all over my keyboard and monitor! :smiley:

When I saw that one, the first thing I thought was what a great username it would be.

It looks like a 'shop. Around the words, there’s the weird graining/smudging that ususally accompanies a bad attempt to blend pictures.

That’s what I first suspected, but it could just be JPEG compression artifacts - it is a high-contrast area, after all - something JPEGs don’t cope well with.

Then you better lay off of this stuff.

I don’t know, but the ship seems to exits. At least appears in the Hong Kong Ship Registry. Unfortunately my Acrobat Reader complains about a missing extension for traditional Chinese, but it can be found in Google’s HTML version.

Only one way to find out… I’ve just signed up for a free trial of Lloyds Shipping Register Online.

Titan Uranus? Malarkey? or Effective Way?

I am quite impressed with your dedication to finding the truth and stamping out ignorance.

Beaten to the punch by kellner though - it’s the name of a real ship - an oil tanker - this ship looks like an oil tanker - there are the same kind of image degradation artifacts around the IMO number (which there would seem to be no reason to photoshop, unless it’s an elaborate double-bluff… naah) - in short, there’s no good reason to believe it isn’t a genuine photo of the good ship Titan Uranus, God bless 'er.

My favorite is this Dragonball Z toy instruction card

“Prythee no sport with stingy or play asperity game” ???

Good lord, that’s atrocious! How is it actually possible to translate something that badly? Did they just do a character-for word transliteration or something?

Wow, that is a helluva translation there h.sapiens. I think I would have more luck understanding it if they left it in Japanese.

I remember a restaurant I was at once had disposable wooden chopsticks with a paper wrapper that said (IIRC), “Please enjoy using chopsticks, traditional of great Chinese culture.” Traditional what, I wonder. Traditional eye-gouging tools. Traditional novelty walrus tusks. Traditional method of picking up something really gross without having to touch it.

I wish I had a scanner. The chinese restaurant down the street from me has a item on the menu listed as “BBQ Pork Hunk”. I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet.