funniest young talent today

I just wanted to share with the world a discovery of mine of a guy that just makes me bust a gut. He a musician named Wally Pleasant who’s song titles include “How I Got Lost On The Road Less Traveled But Then Got Instant Karma On I-96” and “Dennys at 4 AM” and my personal favorite “The Day Ted Nugent Killed all the Animals”

Anybody out there heard of him? What’d you think? Isn’t he great?

Leslie Grossman. I will sing her praises to the sky. Not that the sky makes a good agent or anything . . .

She plays evil cheerleader Mary Cherry on “Popular,” and had a bit in “The Opposite of Sex.” She is never in a scene that she doesn’t steal—one of the most brilliant comic actresses I have seen in ages, I and keep my fingers crossed that her career doesn’t go down in flames when “Popular” is cancelled.

Love—DENIS LEARY!!! Standup/writer/actor/producer.

A newer version of GEORGE CARLIN.

Check out his new TV show THE JOB. (I’m gonna strangle the guy that put it on opposite THE WEST WING.)