Funnny Chinese to English Translation

I bought this cheap-o MP3 player off eBay that was drop-shipped to me from China. Although the player may be cheap, the instructions are a goldmine. This is my favorite, it’s kind of poetic:

2.2.2 ** Key Action Define** Key action includes 4 kinds: short click, long click, press and press off. Following
Except that explain specifically, click
all means short click
[li]Short click: Click the key, come into force at once[/li][li]Long click: Click the key more than 1.2 seconds, come into force at once, and only come into force once[/li][li]Press: Push the key in the course of loosening one’s grip, the event comes into force many times with certain freqeuncy, For example: fast forward, fast reverse[/li][li]Press off: Push the key, did not come into force until unclamping hands[/li][/ul]

I’ve similar instructions from my eBay bargain, with the extra poetry:

My Motherboard instructions are like that.

Why is the phenomenon of Engrish so common? Don’t China/Japan etc. have competent translators?