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That was pretty fuckin’ funny, right up until the part about the convention in New york, and then I realized how bizarre it was for the Republicans to be in the South. Man, that’s just backward. I remember reading James Thurber’s My Life and Hard Times and the part about his (Southern) mother being one of the few Democracts in their (Northern) town and this being of some consternation to his Republican and politically ambitious father.

When did this big switch happen putting the Democrats in the prosperous industrial states and the Republicans in the rural heartland? After the Civil Rights Act?

Good lord my brother where have you been for the last 30 years? This “big switch” happened in the last 30 years, and it wasn’t a big secret. Pick up a book, surf the internet. Sweet jeebus. =D


Can I have a response from a nonidiot, please?

Can I? =D


Well, I hope I’m a “nonidiot” (though some may disagree!). Basically, the switch began in the 1940s, I believe, with Strom Thurmond’s “Dixiecrats” and the Civil Rights Movement-most of the South broke with the Democratic party on desegregation and such.

Hmmm, I’ve heard of the Dixiecrats, and reading up on them it looks like if they’d been a bit less obviously racist, they might have lasted a little longer as a viable (if regional) third party. Aside from Thurmond, how many Dixiecrats ended up migrating to the Republicans, and was it enough to cause a major change in the Republican platform, at least where the South is concerned?

From Wikipedia:

Bryan, you might like to take a look at this book. It’s a fascinating read, and should answer a lot of your questions about the switch.

Wow. This fuckthesouth person has some issues. The South used to be Democrat. A part of the reason was because many of them blamed the Civil War and the Reconstruction on Republicans in the North. They were/are not as upset about the war as they were/are about the carpetbaggers, scalawags and outright thieves that the Reconstruction brought. Maybe the Dixiecrats were a reminder of things most Southerners wanted to leave in the past. Maybe, as conditions got better and life got better, Southerners saw Republicans as allies in attracting more business. The South, in general, places importance on land ownership and being allowed to keep what they have. That is part of the Republican idea or image that because you did well, you are entitled to enjoy it. However there are still people who despise Repubs and Yankees in general because of the Civil War and Reconstruction.

C’mon. The Dixiecrats were a fucking racist pig-dogs who pandered to the South’s lowerst fucking mouth-breathing inbred redneck morons, who constitute a majority in most Southern states, and the southern Republicans are the exact same creatures in a slightly altered suit.

Don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think.

Well, after he signed it, LBJ remarked that it’d probably be 20 years before the south voted for a democrat again.

He seems to have been pretty accurate.

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Like I said, most of the South wants to leave the Dixiecrats on the trashpile of the past, where they belong. Having lived in the South (Texas) I can assure you that most of them are not Deliverance people.

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Washington…Jefferson…Henry…hell, we don’t even have to leave the Old Dominion to shoot this one down.

You want to bring up NYC in reference to the revolution as making the “Blue States” the real America? Go to jail. Go directly to jail. NY was a den of stinking, no good, Tory bastards. Fuck 'em then, and fuck 'em now.

Where were the first European settlements in the present day US? Hell, where were the first English settlements? It sure as shit wasn’t New England.

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