Funny AutoIncorrections...

Not 10 minutes after reading this, I texted my wife asking what the plan was for tonight and she responded:

Which, if I’m honest, sounds way awesome. Chili and replicants.
What’s a funny autoincorrection you’ve encountered lately?

This morning I texted hubby to tell him that the “toll toad” was backed up. We both giggled at the mental image.

Texted my wife that it would take about 30 minstrels to plow our driveway.

Umm… Make that a half hour.

My then-boyfriend was trying to type “Benihana” into Google in order to get directions and misspelled it. Google helpfully suggested, “Did you mean genitals?” :eek:

I have to be ultra careful when texting to or about a colleague in Canada whose name is Herve. Autocorrect invariably calls him Herpes.

Apparently iPhones autocorrect Lardass to make it Kardashian.

I was voice texting my wife to ask if she wanted BBQ or seafood for supper. The seafood restaurant is called “O’Shucks”. The text came out “Want BBQ or oral sex for supper?”. I laughed, thought about sending it as is, then corrected to the boring option.

Decades ago in college, a classmate and I were making up a list of chemical hazards for the chem department as a project. The (quite early) version of Word Perfect we were using had a spell checker, so we used it; it ran amok.

We caught most of its creative changes, but managed to miss the change to sodium picrate. So our list helpfully informed everyone that “Sodium pirates are shock-sensitive and may explode if handled roughly.”

My daughter was texting me about the awesome “sheepy spy” they have at her restaurant. She kept trying to correct it, but her continuous misspelling of shepherd caused text after text to roll in with sheepy spy.
Shepherd’s pie is officially sheepy spy in my house. Baa.

<insert “elusive g spot” joke here>

Hehe, why “or”? go for “and”!

This recent post (bold added):

Just not with ultra-hot wings.

I am WAY too amused at autocorrect fails. My last one was when I tried to tell my brother which of our relatives was tending to my Dad’s grave. It came out “fliers” rather than flowers, which led to a whole thing about Jehovah’s Witnesses and further foolishness.

I work for an insurance company and about two weeks ago went thru a browser update at work that means we now have Spell Check automatically enabled on the computer system used to access member information. I ended up repeatedly leaving notes on member’s accounts like “member was advised of how to disembroil” or “member cannot disembroil without a valid election period” before I caught & added “disenroll” to the dictionary. :smack:

Not really an autocorrect, but what the hell, close enough. :slight_smile:

Girlfriend and I were driving somewhere, and wanted to do some grocery shopping when we got there, so she does a voice google on her phone for the grocery store, to find out opening hours. Meanwhile, I’m swearing over traffic. The resulting google was (translated from swedish, “Willys” is the grocery store): Willys, you stupid fucker.

That was pretty funny.

I was just cleaning up some text messages on my phone today and came across an exchange with my wife from a few months ago. I was out of town for the weekend, the yard needed mowing, neighbor kid was asking my wife if we wanted him to mow. It was going to rain before I got back so I told her to have him do it. Autocorrect kept changing “mow” to “now”.

Me: “Go ahead and have him now.”

Then me trying to fix it. “Now!”

Just yesterday, I sent my wife an email that said, “The only other thing I can suggest is trying to terrorism it.”

Neither of us knows quite how “reprogram” got turned into “terrorism,” but I now feel certain that a lot of the world’s problems are the result of a simple autocorrect misunderstanding.

I saw one once that said, “Would you like chicken vaginas for dinner?”

“No. Also, ew!”

“…Fajitas! Chicken fajitas! WTF, AutoCorrect!”

Funny or not this is why I promptly kill AC on any device or program that I am to use. Oh sure, let it spellcheck me and prompt for an alternative, but what goes out is what I pressed or clicked. 'cause I am not gonna be on DYAC as the page of the day…