Funny Bush Mis-speak


“Excuse me, sir. I think your Freudian slip is showing.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Mis-speak is a misnomer.
He is just expressing his twisted mind.

Add: Please vote in November, for the sake of Peace and all that is good!
Vote with conscience against the unconscionable.

Yeah, I heard that on the radio this morning. I’m glad someone else caught it too.

So, what was he trying to say? We never stop thinking about new ways to harm their country and their people?

That’s just sick.

He was probably trying to say that we never stop thinking about the fact that “They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people”.

Which is true. We never do stop thinking about that, but the “they” in question is the bush administration.

I think he was aiming for "We never stop thinking about ways that their country and their people could hurt our country and our people. I admit though, it gave me a giggle when I first read it.

lol bush is evil and dum lol

I think it’s pretty clear that he intended to convey that his administration is duly diligent with regard to anticipating and countering new threats to national security.

Beautiful sound bite, though.

Hmmm. Eerie.

Gahd… that’s bad.

It replaces my previous favorite, of about a year now:

“Gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.” --Arnold Schwarzenegger, candidate for Governor of California

Aaaand… the Shrub Mis-speak Clean Up Crew Steps up to the plate:

Ya know, Scott, sometimes a chimp in a suit is just, well, a chimp in a suit.

:smack: :wally :smiley:

That’s how I took it. His tang just got a little tungled up.

As soon as Bush turns down the replay rate on “I voted for the bill before I voted against it”, we’ll cut him some slack on his own speaking mistakes.


Tnagled round too many presidential pretzels again? :slight_smile:
OK, the last bit has no real relevance, other, perhaps, than serving as an example of well-crafted language with no tinging of tangs. :slight_smile:

Oops re. "tnagled. Just a bit of Gaudere’s Law. :smack:

Uh huh. And Jimmy Carter called Hubert Humphrey “Hubert Horatio Hornblower.”

And Al Gore didn’t recognize Thomas Jefferson’s bust at the Jefferson Memorial.

And what it all proves is… nothing, except that when you’re in a high office, and have media around you constantly, every dumb thing you say or do (and we ALL say and do dumb things) is reported to millions of people.

If John Kerry is elected, bet your bottom dollar that Rush & O’Reilly & Co. will have a field day replaying similarly idiotic things he’ll say. Not because Kerry’s an idiot, but because it’s inevitable that he’ll misspeak on a regular basis, and his errors will all be recorded (unlike yours and mine, which only a few people will ever know about).

Of course, when Rush & O’Reilly do that, Al Franken will insist that’s just “mean-spirited.”

…Constantly. And embarrassingly.
Hmm. Maybe by “straightforward and plain-spoken” he meant ‘stupid?’ :dubious:

That is newsworthy.
Bush actually spoke the truth.

Bush the Elder had a problem also, but not as severe as the current President. He has the worst language skills I’ve ever seen in a President, and yet he gives the fewest press conferences.

I don’t expect all leaders to be great orators, but he should have mastered the basic skills that he requires of students in public schools. He has not come close.

It’s not funny, dude, why are you laughing.
I lov the way all the Bush defenders rush in here to explain that he really meant something else. Well, duh, of course he meant something else. We’re just lauging at how it came out. We know he didn’t *actually[/i[ mean to say that we think about ways to harm our own country. There is no reason to point out the obvious.