Funny Class Reunion Tales

This happened in 19**. (It was my 30th and I am now 52. You do the math! :wink:

Anyway, for the dance portion of the evening, our host had his rather spacious den fixed into a 60’s diner, with booths and all. I attended alone, so I shared a booth with a couple sitting directly across from me.

The host had a rather cute little cocker spaniel who was allowed to roam the room and get cooed and ahhed at by everyone, including me. I scratched her behind the ears and played with her a bit, but she must have taken a special liking to me because she would scratch at my pant leg for attention quite often during the evening. (Can y’all see where this is headed?)

Anyway, as the night wore on and lights dimmed and music played, she had crawled under the table of the booth and began scratching my leg for attention. Repeatedly. Finally I yelled out to the host, “Hey Barry! I think your dog might want out! She’s scratching at my leg!” Suddenly the scratching stopped as Barry called back, “Bill! Dolly went to bed two hours ago!”:eek:

I left not soon after that. And I have often wondered which of them it was doing the “footsie”. I hope it was her!:smiley:

Your turn

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