My Poor Puppy

Oh man do I ever feel like a huge piece of crap.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went out for a trip to the zoo and being the responsible pet owners that we are I called my roommate the day before to make sure that she would be in town that day to let the dog out, and yup, it was no problem she was planning on being in town all day long. She only stays at the house a few nights a week, so I had to make sure that yesterday was one of them. Before we left in the morning we took the pup out for a big run, filled up her food and water dish so that the roommate wouldn’t have to, gave her a treat, put her in her crate and left.

My puppy a.k.a the cutest dogever is quite content to stay in her crate when we are gone, she just curls up and goes to sleep. We always come home at lunch to let her out and never leave her in there for long periods of time. That is until yesterday. When I was happily wandering around enjoying the sun and the animals my poor little girl was all alone, for about 12 hours.

When the boyfriend and I got home we were a bit suspicious. There were no additional dirty dishes, the dog’s food had not been touched, and everything seemed to be exactly where we left it. Everybody who has ever had a roommate knows that if the roommate is around, nothing ever looks just the way you left it. And of course, no roommate. The dog was no help, she acts the same if we had been gone for five minutes or five hours, and her english skills are somewhat lacking.
I called the roommate up this morning just to check, and well, opps she forgot.

Pup gets extra scratches today, thats for sure.

Ohh wow! Your puppy is truly gorgeous!

Hopefully, she is fine and has forgiven you - give her some cuddles from me!

Doggies are very forgiving, so don’t beat yourself up about it. She probably slept a whole lot.

And, as an owner of another “cutest dog ever,” I have to say, your puppy is absolutely a “cutest dog ever.” Very photogenic and happy looking.

Grrrr! Reminds me of the time I went away for a four-day weekend, after extracting a promise from my brother’s girlfriend that she would come by and feed my cats at some point during the four days. I even left some money for her. Turns out she and my brother went to see some friends on Saturday, and well, “they talked us into staying.” WTF? Up until that point I had thought of this girl as a good influence on my less-than-dependable brother. Good-for-nothing bitch.

At least the puppy had some food. Poor little pup!

Thanks for the replies. I am sure she doesn’t even remember it now. She is at home with the boyfriend and they are probably cuddled up on the couch right now watching daytime TV.

The roommate is very sorry and is planning on picking up a new toy today so all is well.

And really I will take any opportunity to show off my girl

Funny, I clicked on the links expecting to see a dog, and all I saw was a dustmop!

(I admit it IS cute, but it is HARDLY a dog!)

That’s not a dog! That’s a MUPPET!

(What a cutie!)

Poor little [del]lamb[/del], erm, pooch!

I love the stick/running picture. Adorable.

Aw, don’t beat yourself up about it. She’s probably already forgotten.

Several weeks before our old, fat, arthritic (but dearly beloved) springer spaniel Miss Emily died, Mr. S let her out one night to do her business. She would always go out and do her thing and then bark when she was done so we’d know to let her back in. Easy peasy.

Only this time we fell asleep on the couch (we were really tired) and didn’t hear her barking.

Did I mention that it was wintertime?

When we woke up several hours later, in the middle of the night, we immediately realized our mistake and went outside to find her. She must have barked for a bit and then given up and gone to curl up in a little shelter we had built for the recyling bins. It had some carpeted panels we’d taken out of the back of an old pickup for flooring, but mostly it was full of bags of aluminum cans.

Poor old Miss Emily. We let her back it and smothered her with remorseful affection, but she seemed to forgive us pretty quickly.

We still kick ourselves when we think of it, though. Leaving a sweet old dog out in the cold!!

I hope you won’t ever trust that person to do anything important again, no matter how “sorry” she is or how many toys she buys.

And that is one cutie widdle puppy dog, yes she is! Would she like some ear scritches from Aunt SCL? Come here, you cutie pie…

Oh, God, I did this, too. Man, I felt awful. My Bean has a long memory for a dog and she holds a grudge. She walked right by me, ignoring the treats I tried to offer as an olive branch. She went upstairs, hid in the library and would have nothing more to do with me for the rest of the evening.

Damn-were the cats okay?

If by okay, you mean extremely disgruntled, yes. I had left food and water, but the food had run out and the litterbox was overflowing.

Should’ve known any skank that would date my brother couldn’t be trusted! :wink:

I have to second this. That picture is awesome!

Hubby and I were house and dog sitting for my aunt over the New Year weekend one time, and we did this, too! And her dog was a 12-year-old Shar Pei. Poor Sheba was outside for like three hours. When we opened the back door, she was just sitting there patiently, waiting to be let in. (She would never bark to be let in.)

Well for the next trip I am planning the boyfriend’s folks are looking after the dog. There she just gets to contend with 6 cats!

And one of them is bigger than she is!