Ok gang-
We got a new puppy this weekend. It seems someone had some fun with a neighborhood romeo. We were told it was mainly Lab with some Springer spaniel. Turns out the sucker is a big part Newfoundland and its gonna be 100+ pounds. Being a big fan of big dogs im very happy about this little mistake.

Anybody out there have any advice or stories they want to share about their puppy?


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Just make sure it gets to the vet right away for vaccines and de-wormings, and be sure to neuter at 5-6 months. Also, sign up for puppy class so your dog learns some manners. If the dog is going to be big, this is very, very, important.

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With big dogs, it’s always better to get one of those dog food stands that hold the dog bowls about a foot off of the ground. It keeps them from having to bend over to eat, reducing the strain on his joints. As he gets older, your dog will thank you for it.

Keeping food elevated also helps to prevent bloat, a problem in large dogs.

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Are you crate training your pup?

If not run don’t walk to your nearest vet, get that dumpling shots and memorize every word the vet says about crate training and get a book about it on the way home - stop at the library.

Buy a crate that fits for now and set aside money for a bigger one for later - well, really, sooner than later.

My dogs are all crate trained and they love their crates, just jump right in them even now for naps. They know they (you’re catching on) are safe while they are in their crates. Less barking and howling for the repairmen and other visitors. I even take the crates along for trips.

And it saves your patience, hair and laundry while you potty train your dog.

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First off let me apologize to those of you who got confused. But honestly, My puppy rules so in the words of Eric Cartman “Screw you guys”

Michelle-She is gonna go to Kindergarden as soon as she is old enough. A 15 pound terrier snapping at a kid is one thing but a dog that big will get put down for that. Should she be eating from an elevated dish as soon as she can reach? Or wait for a while first? and what causes bloat?

Jois-We are attempting to crate train but, we have never done it before so we are hoping to not screw it up.

thanks for the advice everyone. I still welcome more!


I’m not a shrimp, I’m a King Prawn.
-Pepe the Prawn

I discussed bloat in my animal emergency thread, you might want to try to find that thread and look there. Also bring this up with your vet for a more detailed explanation. Also, I recommend looking into pet insurance. Try calling 1-800-USA-PETS.