New Puppy

I lost my doberman, Grace about three weeks ago. Tonight I picked up a 4 month old 1/2 giant schnauzer puppy. She’s lived outside all her life. The owner used to breed giant schnauzers, and some dog got in with her unspayed female. So far she’s fitting in with my other dogs just fine, and doesn’t seem unduly interested in my cats. She’s asleep beside my chair right now. No accidents yet, but I’ll have housetraining to work on this coming week while I’m on vacation. I got out my old crate, but one of my other dogs promptly climbed in, so I may have to get her a new crate.

As for names, I’m thinking maybe Sophie or Bessie.

Any other suggestions?


She’s so fluffy and cute and I think Sophie suits her just fine. :slight_smile:

I like Sophie too. It’s fitting for such a little fluffball. But Bessie’s okay too.

We named our puppy Sadie, but mostly we call her Shitbird.

ooooh cute!

My friend has a very VERY similar dog - half giant schnauzer and half springer spaniel. The end result is the most glorious goofball of long silky black locks! She’s matured into a big, black, scary looking dog who is actually very calm and well behaved.

I wish you great joy in her.

omg, she is adorably cute! :slight_smile: I’d go with Sophie, btw. Congrats and good luck. :slight_smile:

My cat Sophie is a pill. Just warning you. How about Kaite? She looks like a Kate to me.

Awwww . . . such a cutie! I think all the name suggestions are fine, although I think I like Katie the best, because for some unfathomable reason I sort of get a “tomboy” feel from that ball of cuteness, and I think Katie is a good spunky name for a dog of that sort.

My line of reasoning is pretty stupid, I know.

Anyways, congratulations!

Well, Kate/Katie is sort of out for a name. I already had a Kate, my beloved pointer/doberman cross who died 7 years ago. (Kate was named for Katherine Hepburn, because she had red hair and an aristocratic look).

So far, so good. She slept in the crate all night without a whine or an accident. No accidents in the house yet at all. And as far as I know, she’s never been in a house or walked on a lease, and she’s doing okay with that, too. She’s sitting beside my chair right now.


Congrats on the adorable new baby! I knew you wouldn’t be own a dog for long! :slight_smile:

I like Sophie for a name too, it suits her.

Day one with the new puppy (who is seeming more and more like a Sophie) and she’s wonderful! She slept all night in her crate without a sound. She hasn’t had a single accident in the house yet. She walked down to the barn with me and stays right with me (although I was mean and stopped her from eating horse poop). She’s not really interested in the other dogs yet, she wants to be where I am. She hasn’t bothered any of the cats. She’s figured out the dog door, so I have to limit access so she doesn’t get out on the road. But even when she lets herself out, I usually find her right near the ramp to go back in the dog door. I combed her out and she was good for that, although I’ll probably get my clippers out and trim her up a bit.