Funny commercials

Now as an anti-thesis to my “Bad commercials” thread…what commercials tickle your fancy whenyou see them?

I find the car commercial where the guy tackles a shopping cart to keep it from hitting his car (I’ll probably think of some more later)

Toss in your opinion (But only if it’s humble :smiley: )

The AlkaSeltzer one where they poke the tummy and play the Mexican Shuffle.

Sure, it’s just on Old Favorite Commercials shows now, but it’s still my favorite.

The whole group of reasons to have caller ID, the ex-boyfriend and the job-hunting nephew especially.

This thread is happening over in IMHO - they have three pages. You should check it out as I doubt anyone who posted there wants to post here again, and there are some funny ads over there! :slight_smile:

I have two brand new favorites. One is the new VW Passat Wagon commercial in which the guy driving the car can’t believe that he now is responsible for upbringing another life, as he is a new father. He sets it up by saying that he’s now the one who has to tell his kid not to eat the cookie off the floor, when the whole time he’s thinking to himself, “Five second rule! This cookie’s still good!” i LOVE that commercial.

The second one is being shown during the NBA finals games…it entails ‘cowboys’ hearding cats across the plains of the west… Hysterical as well!

It’s gotta be the one with the giant nose.

The dopeyest one now is one where a toddler drops an oreo on the floor and the father picks it up. The announcer says, you’re supposed to be the adult and not eat stuff off the floor, but you invoke the 5-second rule and eat it anyway. Drive a Passat. What??

I’m strange, but I like the new commercials. There are three that I’ve seen. All three involve men dressed in very strange outfits…meteors, partially eaten fish, and mosquitos. They’re very silly, with exaggeratedly bad acting. In the meteor one, they all end up burning up upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and they’re all screaming “Ahhhh, the atmosphere!” In the mosquito one, they’re drinking out of some dude’s arm with giant pointy straws.

Pretty weird, but funny nonetheless.

I would just like to add, all ESPN Sportscenter commercials are absolutely the funniest commercials ever made Gerbils. Cannon.

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