Funny lines in obituaries

I just found out, my best friend in high school passed last week. There was much humor in his obituary, including the line “He wanted to be cremated, even though he was lactose-intolerant.”

Got any others?

I didn’t know this guy, but I think I would have liked him…

Me too, even if he DID manage to insult Rhode Island!

My former high school Russian history teacher (obit was written by his son):

From my dad’s obit, courtesy of my aunt:

This one, from my hometown. A snippet from the beginning:

I don’t have a funny line from an obituary, but I do have one from a eulogy. It happened at the funeral of an older woman, the mother in a family I have mentioned in various threads–about a movie she had recommended to me, for example.
Her daughter gave the eulogy. The daughter was, naturally, overcome with emotion because of her mother’s death–she had to choke back her tears constantly-- but she managed to mention a very humorous anecdote from her own childhood, involving her mother’s driving. It got a laugh from everyone present, including me. (This girl has had a remarkable sense of humor and so did her mother.)

No offense, dougie, but I think you left something out of your post.


That’s a great obit. I especially like the line about honoring his father’s grudge against florists.

Speaking of eulogies . . . my father pre-deceased my mother by about 10 years. He was a very impatient man with an abusive temper. In the eulogy for my mother, the rabbi mentioned, “I can just hear Jack down there, yelling *‘God dammit, what the hell took you so long!?’”

What do you mean? Uh–if you mean what specifically was funny: She said her mother had run a stop sign, then when she realized it–about fifty feet past the intersection–she backed up through the intersection, approached the white line again, and properly stopped, then proceeded through the intersection again.
Is that what I had omitted?

For some reason, Memphis is a hotspot for innovative obits.

Quote (acknowledgment to Jasg):
*Eleanor Brokaw New, a longtime resident of Memphis, Tenn., died on May 11, 2015. She reached room temperature, at age 98, in Opelika, Ala. *
What day of the year was she born? You have to figure her birthday and the 6/10 of a degree into the equation… :stuck_out_tongue:

I now have a overwhelming urge to join the Dead Peckers Club.

More of a surpising oddity than anything, in the obit of a man whose son I was best man at his wedding: (and ever knew this about him!)

Not the funniest line ever, but this throw-away line in my sister’s obituary (written by her kids) managed to make grieving family and friends smile.

“Regularly answering Final Jeopardy brought her much happiness.”

My mother’s maiden name was Keister. And yes, it’s pronounced just like you think it is. It was put his obituary quote that he was a song in our hearts and a pain in our keisters.

Incidentally, I thought the dead pecker club was something my grandpa came up with. Except it was the Dead pecker gang. Live and learn.