Funny pictures of politicians

I’ve noticed that news organisations (especially websites) always seem to put up pictures of politicians in the most ridiculous poses.


Case in point.

So, feel free to share pictures of politicians in stupid poses.

Forgot to hit preview:

There’s a funny photo that’s been floating around the net for a couple of years: it’s Australian Prime Minister John Howard looking for all the world like he’s giving Federal Treasurer Peter Costello a blowjob.

Stuffed if I can find it though. All that will happen now is the next person to use my computer might Google something starting with ‘J’ and find out I’ve searched “John Howard blowjob”, which would take some explaining…

Public figures need to be careful not to offend photographers. In his book Rhubarb, writer H. Allen Smith, an ex newspaperman, had a scene where Thadeus Banner, the rich guy who owned the cat Rhubarb, insulted a photographer who thereupon, “Vowed to get a picture of him picking his nose.”

You mean this one?

:eek: Great Og, that’s obscene! I had to close the window because all my ACK! synapses started firing at once. ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK!!

In that vein, I submit a picture of [ul=]Al Gore snogging the missus.

Damn! Right, HERE’S Al Gore snogging the missus.

THe thing I find amusing is the captions: almost without exception, they always say so-and-so “gestures” or “reacts” during such-and-such.