Fur capes, funny hats and long speeches - I graduated last week!

I went through graduation ceremonies for my MBA on Thursday. I am officially done and done. Wow.

It was a great program that really changed my life. I could go into all the benefits of my education (boy, could I…I now work in the biz education field), but suffice it to say that I most definitely did the right thing by pursuing my MBA.

Aside from the education I made over 50 new friends. And I like them, too! Honest, hard working, diverse backgrounds (we had over 13 nationalities in our class) and penchants for mass quantities of beer. Which in Prague is a good thing.

The ceremonies were in Betlemske Church with some really neat fresco’s and good acoustics. The US Ambassador to the Czech Republic William Cabaniss was there to give a speech and press palms. (quick trivia: Who was the first US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia after the Wall came down? Think lollipops.) We had to dress in gowns that had fake fur lining on the cuffs plus the traditional square hats.

We then had a nice reception afterwards that segued into beer on the Vltava.

Well, now I am done with school…I wonder what I’ll do next…Maybe a PhD? Maybe next decade.


Congratulations! Looks like a beautiful location for the ceremony. Which university? (Just curious about whether it was an American program or Czech or other…)



It is a joint US/CZ program with a degree from RIT. I had prof’s from RIT, Kellogg, Stanford, UCLA, Carnegie-Mellon, Georgia Tech and one or two others. It is AACSB accredited, full time for ten months and has been around for about 15 years now.