Fur on my tongue

What promotes the growth of tongue fur? It seems to be sugars but why is the growth localised to the tongue? Or, what prohibits the growth of this stuff on the inside of my throat for instance?(Not that I don’t appreciate the conveniance).

Umm, tongue fur? Sorry dude, sounds like you have a real problem. See a doctor.

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Wolf, are you talking about that layer of white stuff on the surface of the tongue? If so, I’m interested in what the responses will be. I’ve had this stuff all my life.

Isn’t it the same stuff found between the teeth and around the gumline?

According to the doc that saw me for my physical, that was caused by lack of the right vitamins…not getting enough of something. I take a multi-vitamin now, and it’s gone away…hope this helps…

Fur on the tongue can be caused by several things, including emotional pressures. Some people can get it when they’re under a lot of stress with no good outlet to let off steam.

Try brushing your tongue with your toothbrush and a little toothpaste several times a week. If I’m correct, there will be periods of time when the ‘fur’ loosens and comes off in spots and you can scrape some of it off with a fingernail, but it comes back.

It comes off in spots and those spots turn somewhat painful for a time, if you are a smoker, you might be smoking too much.

Either way, if taking vitamins and brushing your tongue fail to give you results in about 7 to 10 days, go see your doctor. I had it for years, mainly when I worked in really stressful situations. I started taking daily vitamins of several types, started brushing my tongue now and then, switched my smokes and changed jobs and – it vanished.

Sorry people, the question is why is my throat immune to the growth? Lots of people get furry. Maybe the description of ‘fur’ is not right for your experience. Any doctors?


When I read the topic, my first response to you was, quit licking yourself < giggle >

There’s a thread around here dealing with shaving that might have some bearing on the subject…

what? Oh, sorry, nevermind…

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Is this worse when the moon is full? Any connection with your name?