Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

I mean, I’m sure things were ok for a while but by the time we catch up to them 15 years later everything is pretty dire.

I don’t think anybody had any idea this woman recruited by Jack was the little girl that went missing 15 years earlier. She never told anybody her name when she was a little girl. Rectus almost recognized her but got distracted before he could see the tattoos on her arm.

That’s the part that didn’t really make sense – it’s 15 years later. There’s no younger generation. The only women are the ones in Immortan’s vault, a couple of randos “I’m a mother too!”, and the 8-20 back at the Green Place. It’s all men!

15 years from now, the 20 yos are 35, the 30 yos are 45. Everyone is too damn old to take over Gastown!

What’s all men? Dementus’s gang?

I would not expect many people to be old; what do you think the life expectancy is around the Wasteland?

I assumed the children were with the poor people that live under Immortan Joe, we even see a woman trying to get a baby up on the lift in Fury Road.

Yes. I’m rewatching it now. I’ve seen exactly 3 women in the gang before they take over gas town.

Exactly. So who is rioting in Gastown? Those invisible 5-10yo kids we didn’t see who are 25 now?

I suppose this doesn’t bear much examination. Where did the 967 War Boys come from?

As @DigitalC points out, there is a rabble somehow ekeing out a living, some of whom want their kids to be accepted as War Boys or other roles. Maybe even a second-rate mob is better than nothing, if they can’t get them into the Citadel.

I was wondering about this visual, shown extremely briefly (11s) after the Bullet Farm fight. Is that Max and the Pursuit Special V8 Interceptor? As shown next just when Fury Road begins and he’s captured? Furiosa is the dot to his right hobbling toward the Citidal sans arm.

It definitely is. There’s an actor (not Tom Hardy) credited as Mad Max in the end credits.

If you hadn’t told me, I would have thought that was a screenshot from the Mad Max video game.

Thanks, I watched this with my wife and read later there was a Mad Max cameo in it, but I missed it during the viewing.