Futility witnessed on a fall day

My neighbor has been out with his leaf blower on what is arguably the windiest day of the past several months.

We’re talking trash cans being blown down the street kinda windy.

Luckily, it’s not one of those obnoxiously loud leaf blowers, but still, it made me scratch my head when I saw it.

I feel the same way when I see someone trying to use a leaf blower on sodden leaves.

I feel that way about myself piling up leaves in this windy weather–and I use a rake!

I’ve cleared all the leaves out of the gutter by the curb three times, and no doubt I’ll be doing it again. (The county’s not sending a truck around to vacuum up leaves from the curb. They never have, but a lot of people around here think, “Hey, this is the year they’ll start!”)

If leaves clog the storm drains, there could be flooding.

I got a great visual of your neighbor dueling with his blower against the wind. And the leaves are confused.

I really need to get a windsock so I will notice which way the wind is blowing BEFORE I lug the blower out and start:smack:

My first day of leaf removal this year had intermittent wind. Of course it was blowing from the direction where I wanted the leaves to collect:(

That should do it. I don’t think you need a weatherman.

Sure I could go that route; but a windsock we look cool. :cool:
Also I just noticed that if I place my cursor over the little blue arrows at the bottom of wunderground it shows the direction of the wind:smack:

Hurray! A neighbor vacuumed up a bunch of leaves from my lawn. (They were from his tree, but I usually rake up what falls on my side.)

Who is he to blow against the wind?

maybe that is the only tune he can play:smiley:

youtube link

Well, that’s where the answer is.

I have spent at least 15 hours leaf blowing our yard this Fall. I will not even attempt it if I see any breeze at all. Once in a while though the wind will pick up while I’m blowing and I’m done for the day. Unless it’s at my back, that’s such a great feeling. It feels effortless.

I still have one more round of blowing to do now that the trees are all bare. I’m doing it tomorrow, because the forecast is saying there will be no wind at all. My village picks up leaves until the 20th, so I’m just under the wire.

The village already came around and filled the sand buckets (6 big sheetrock buckets) for us, and I have my new snow blower ready. I am as set for Winter as I’ll ever be.