Futurama - All the Presidents' Heads (Jul/28/11)

Stellar episode! I think it may have been the best this season. Certainly a whole lot better than the last two weeks.

My favourite part was near the beginning when they were all getting off work, and Bender said he was going to go clubbing. And then brought out a bat, and said he was going to look for baby seals. It was awesome on two levels… there is still a lot of brouhaha over Canada’s seal clubbing, so of course Bender’s going to be offensive about it. On a personal level, whenever any of my friends suggest clubbing, I always respond with “Baby seals?! How dare you!”

Also, do you think Fry is working at the head museum because Lars worked at the head museum? I don’t know if the writers were going for this, but that was an interesting callback to the first movie…

Did you miss Doctor Goodnplenty (or whatever) calling him Lars? Definitely a reference.

I loved this episode. Best since the hiatus. The Brit future was delightful.

I loved the Bender flag at the end.

“Bite my fhiny metal aff.”

Also Maffachufettf and “ftupid fhithead”.

I wanted this to be a two parter just so we could see more of the British future.

More like Taxffachufettf

Is there any way to watch recent episodes online?

You can download them from iTunes, but as far as I know, there’s no way to legally watch them for free. But if you get Comedy Central and just happened to miss this week’s episode, they’ll repeat it a few more times before the next episode, including immediately preceding next week’s new show.

I thought it was a pretty weak episode truth be told…but by no means was it as bad as the first and second episodes (IMO of course)

Was this the first time we saw President George W. Buch in the Hall of Presidents? I wonder if we’ll ever see them do Obama. Oh, and was it just be or did one of the heads in the backgound say Sharon Angle on it? :eek: There’s a terrifying (& dated) thought. IMHO Palin would’ve been a munch better gag.

“Has anyone seen Ulysses Grant? He owes me a cheroot.”
“He’s over there, puking in the Bushes.”

George H. W. and George W.: NOOOOOOOO!

Whoops! I totally missed that, but I rewatched it, and Fry was addressed as Lars. It would be awesome to get more insight as to why Fry decided to work at the Head Museum, though. Does he actually have to be Lars to win Leela’s heart?

I thought they would have Mom be the queen, but the weird red queen caricature was okay too.

That was a great skit!

Literally the only thing in this episode that made me laugh. I thought it was terrible.

I think they were worried about feeling like Charlie Chaplin after he made ‘the Great Dictator’ and then found out the real horror behind the laughs.

Anyway, as an Englishman, I mostly enjoyed it, other than the absolutely atrocious accents (except for LaMarr’s) and the extreme anti-loyalist bias.

  1. Lick president.
  2. Go back in time.
  3. By opal.

By the way, Farnsworth’s ancestors actually existed (although I don’t know if they were related to one another). Philo T. Farnsworth, of course, was famous as the pioneer of electronic television. Dean Farnsworth really did invent the colorblindness test. And David Farnsworth actually was a counterfeiter in Revolutionary times and was eventually hanged for his crimes.

Given his grandma-nailing ways (and I appreciate that the episode gave this a shout-out), shouldn’t Phillip Fry have been in Hubert’s branch of the family tree? The implication has always been that Hubert is descended from Phil’s brother Yancy, and if Phil is his own grandfather, he’s presumably Yancy’s grandfather as well.

Fry was… on the rotten branch with the bugs. I think the Farnsworth side either came from Yancy’s wife, or in the later generations. Phillip Fry II may have had a daughter that married a Farnsworth.

Well, wouldn’t that make Phillip an uncle-by-marriage, at best? Then what was the deal with the finger-poke genetic scanning dingus in the first episode?
I demand a better quality of continuity in my sci-fi comedy cartoons!

Semi-related: How many episodes are they doing this season? More than last season? I would hope so since the dvd set seemed expensive for how few eps it had…also hopefully blu-ray this time.

Wiki says three more new ones are coming, bringing this season to a standard 26 and (good news, everyone!) another 26 are coming through 2012-3.