Futurama On Adult Swim, Baby!

If you haven’t heard, Futurama’s going to be on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network starting this Sunday! Now, those of us who haven’t been able to watch it because of Fox’s perverse insistance on showing football can catch up on all the episodes we’ve missed! They’re supposed to show it five nights a week! Wahoo!

Wow, we have entirely opposite reactions to that announcement. The first time I heard the commercial I was unhappy that one of the times it will be on is during Adult Swim. Then, I don’t like the show, so… The other four days a week are more than fine by me, though, since I only watch the cartoon network on Sunday nights.

Well, I for one can’t wait. It’s been so long since I’ve seen those old season one episodes. And I missed the first Mom episode, so can’t wait to see that.

Yay, I still can’t watch it. No cable.


I can’t believe I missed this thread when it first came out. The pug house just discovered this two nights ago, so we got to catch the old episode where Frye moves in with Bender at the Robot Arms.

Frye: Where’s the bathroom?
Bender: The whatroom?
Frye: The bathroom.
Bender: The bathwhat?
Frye: The bathroom.
Bender: The whatwhat?

Great stuff. Got to try to catch the moon/Disneyland episode.

Tonight’s the episode where they go to the robot planet. Fy and Leela face almost certain doom, but Bender is hailed as their leader. I can’t wait!

Ooo, the Robot Planet episode is just awash with video game references too! Hilarious stuff.

My favorite bit from this far-better-than-The-Simpsons-Groening-creation is the one where they visit Atlanta (underwater in the 30th century). Zoidberg finds a shell to live in, but it burns down prompting the following exchange (which takes place underwater remember)!

Zoidberg: “ooooh, my lovely shell! It burned down!”
Hermes: “That raises too many questions!”
Bender: “Oh, there’s my cigar, I must have dropped it earlier…”
Hermes: “That just raises further questions!”


Yep, it’s on against “The Daily Show.” Good thing I watch TV alone, because it makes for a lot of channel flip-flopping.

MY VCR is set! :slight_smile:

Wow, Bender’s voice sure has changed.

Happy Robanukah!

Intruder alert…Intruder alert!

Get the Humanoid!

“I’m gonna build my own resort, with hookers and blackjack! For that matter, forget the blackjack. And the resort!”

You mean it’s on against “Seinfeld.” That’s how my channel flipping goes, anyway, av8rmike.

I noticed it, too, when I was watching the moon episode. It’s much huskier than it is now. Sort of weird when a character’s voice changes and you don’t even notice it until you go back and watch older episodes. At least the animation hasn’t changed.

I’m kind of pissed that they screwed with the commercial breaks. There is supposed to be a break right after Leela says, “I don’t know, it’s a tough decision. I wish I had two or three minutes to think it over!” It isn’t funny when you see Fry and Leela putting on robot costumes in the next shot…Sigh. I remember when I first saw that episode. Good times.

Oh yeah, is anyone else bewildered by Bender giving CPR to that woman (in the commercial break- hard to explain…)? I mean, I get that it’s fitting with the Adult Swim motif, but is that implying that his idea of CPR is just part of going to bed with them? Plus, it’s bizarre to think of Bender being attracted to a human. Oh god, I’m obsessing over “Futurama” now…

I think that was the 2nd or 3rd episode of the series – and an excellent one! That’s a must see!

Not to hijack the Futurama Festivities, but…

Is Futurama taking the place of Home Movies? Don’t get me wrong, I like Futurama and all, but I can watch it on Fox. I’ve never seen Home Movies anywhere else, and damn if that isn’t the funniest show ever.

—damn if that isn’t the funniest show ever.—


Home Movies is on right after Futurama, and it’s now on 5 times a week, too.

I have a crush on meatwad

I am enjoying the hell out of these reruns. I’m seeing shows I had totally forgotten about, in particular, “Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?”, which was shown on Wednesday night. Dr. Zoidberg gets the hots and must return to his homeworld to spawn, and lots of sex hilarity ensues.

Mr. Pug still doesn’t believe that this was based on an old Star Trek episode (“Amok Time”). He despises ST:OS and couldn’t believe anything as good as this Futurama episode was inspired by ST:OS.