Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

Anyone seen it yet?

I just did, and had a great laugh. In my opinion, it’s better than Bender’s Big Score by a wide margin and tops most vanilla Futurama episodes and sub-stories.

My favourite moment was probably “King Kong is too old to save us this time!”

A lot of “eheheehehe, what the hell?” moments that I feel I might not have laughed at in a cinema (in fear of being outed as an ultra-nerd) but were hilarious in the venue I watched it.

Wiki says the movie doesn’t come out for another two weeks. Where did you see it?

At a friend’s place - I never thought to ask if it’d come out yet. Ack, might as well put this topic on hold for another two weeks, eh?

Apparently it’s floating out there now online in less-than-legal ways. Reviews are coming in. Official DVD release is June 24. Looking forward to it, plus the “lost episode” which is also on the disc (cinemas from the Futurama video game, which the writers consider an episode).

I’ve seen it. I procured it through less than legal ways. But I don’t feel bad as I’ve already pre-ordered it.

Anyway, I had the feeling with the first one, and this has now confirmed it. I think Futurama is far better when they can explore ideas in a half-hour format. Personally, I’d rather have four new, separate episodes. I wonder what the holdup is with these things? They are only the equivalent of four episodes. They used to make 22 a year and now it takes them six months to make four? Strange. But somehow it just doesn’t register on the rewatchability index. I can rewatch normal episodes quite easily, but somehow I’m never tempted to rewatch the movies.

But dammit when you hear that intro music you can’t help but getting excited!

But having said that. Mediocre futurama is pretty damn good in the end. In fact, it’s better than the more mediocre episodes of the series (The Egypt Episode?, or the Kif-centric ones), but not as good as some of my favorites (Farnsworth Parabox). One awesome point, Zapp Brannigan plays a much larger role. You can never go wrong with the Zapper. There’s also a few moments where the humor is markedly darker than in the past. This is most likely a sign of the times. It’s quite a laugh riot and sort of throws you off guard. The nerdy, science type stuff is also pretty damn interesting. By that I mean this movie’s “science” underpinnings. You know, the plot point that makes it tick.

Favorite moment:

When Bender throws that letter that Fry wrote him and it cuts Robot 1-X in half. He is sad because he ruined his favorite trashcan. Meanwhile Robot 1-X is lying in two halves on the floor and says, “PAIN…SENSOR…OVERLOAD”

Well…now I know what to queue up when I go home for lunch. Thanks for the reminder!

No worries. I’m probably damned by association, anyway :wink:

Dueling with the planetary disruptor rayguns was hysterical. I liked that they also used the ‘bricks falling out of Bender’ gag again. Then it got old.

I’m planning to pick this one up once I get out of work this afternoon.

FWIW, if anyone was (like me) tardy in picking up Bender’s Big Score, my copy of Beast came with a $5 off coupon for the earlier title stuck to the front. Shiny!

I bought it at lunch and plan to watch it tonight.

I hope it is better than Big Score.

I’ll take a wait and see because in BBS things just didn’t quite click enough for me to give it a thumbs-up.

Written by Eric Kaplan from a story by him and David X. Cohen
Featuring Brittany Murphy, David Cross, Dan Castenelleta, and The Pickled Head Of Stephen Hawking In A Way-Cool Rocket

The opening sequence was pretty clever.

Why were Farnsworth and Wernstrom arrested?

I’ve been to Zapp’s command post a number of times. Good place to command from.

“Be careful, my teenie greenie weenie.”
“That’s just a fungus infec…oh, you mean Kif.”

“Sorry you had to find out like this Leela. I was hoping you’d see it on YouTube first. As my lover, I’m sure you’re shocked, but you’ll get your chance. How about today at 4?”

“Uncle Zoid, what’s new?”
“I got a role in a direct-to-DVD movie. It’s only one line, but I’m gonna ham it up as much as possible!”

“If there’s one thing Nixon’s known for, it’s class!”

“I feel like a teenage schoolgirl who’s in love with Justin Timberlake, and then she moves into his head!”

Why exactly did Yivo break up with the Earth? Was it because Fry was cheating on schkler by writing to Bender?

Not as good as Bender’s Big Score, but still entertaining.

From the Vivendi Universal/Fox Interactive video game
In glamourous Computomation! (note: computomation is PS1/Xbox quality and may not be “glamourous”)
Written by J. Stewart Burns- Rendered by fine Scandanavian labor

As well written as any episode, even if everyone looks like a malfunctioning robot.

“Don’t we have a backup engine?”
“Yes, but we never used it, it being a backup and all, so I pawned it.”
“The same reason anyone in America pawns anything- to get a gun!”

“Pull harder, you son of a me!”

“Don’t worrys, I gots an idea…I mean ideas.”

“Who said that? Is it God?”
“No, though I’m old as him.”

“You haven’t seen the last of me- unless I die before you see me again, in which case I have!”

“We’re gonna die!”
“What’s the big deal? We’ve been dying all day.”

“And so, I die the way I live…as a giant robot.”

I doubt the robot devil finds that distinction significant.

Remember, Futurama does not advocate the cool crime of stealing.

Just don’t tell Santa!


You don’t have to tell him- he knows. He doesn’t discriminate- everyone’s naughty. (Also, don’t try to blow his head off with a paradox- he’s paradox-proof.)

I’m very pleased. It’s funnier than Big Score, has maybe the creepiest sequences in the entire show, and then they freaking take the entire population of the universe to Heaven. Where else are you going to see anything like that? It was weird and it was fascinating.

I love Bender, but plots featuring Bender never really do it for me. I think he works better while messing up other people’s plans rather than driving a plot, so the League of Robots was hit and miss, to me. Although the pirate ship stuff was definitely worthwhile.

Just watched, couple questions:

  1. What happened to all the other Benders from the end of “Bender’s Big Score?” They’re what caused the rift in the first place.

  2. How did Bender manage to tear up the electro-matter so that he could coat the sword with it?

ETA: I forgot to say, I liked it. Better than BBS, but still not as good as original Futurama. Though I suspect, like BBS, it will get better with more viewings. I also really liked the tentacle jokes.

They were all destroyed at the end of BBS, since the time code automatically destroys any paradoxical clones.